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20 Effective Ways To Calm Your Worrying Mind

“Are you worried about worrying too much?” Worrying is not always a bad thing, however, worrying too much every time is surely something that needs to be controlled.

Excessive worrying can be harmful and cause significant distress and be problematic for your health and productivity. If you are dealing with anxiety and excessive worrying and want to calm your mind then go through the following array of article that talks about some of the most effective ways to calm your worrying mind.

Effective Ways To Calm Your Worrying Mind

20 Effective Ways To Calm Your Worrying Mind

  1. Focus On Your Breathing

    Breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, and anger and calm your worrying mind quickly. When you start feeling worried about any situation you should take long and deep breaths. This is because, when you feel anxious, you start taking shallow and quick breaths. This can aggravate your mind even more. However, when you take deep and long breaths you begin to feel the calming effect. You can try out breathing techniques to help you calm your worrying mind.

  2. Accept That Your Are Worried And Anxious

    Sometimes we do not accept or admit that we are anxious or feeling worried. However, you should allow yourself to believe that you are worrying, anxious, or angry; and it is okay. When you label your emotion and allow yourself to express it, your anxiety will reduce and you might stop worrying too much.

  3. Release Your Worries And Relax

    You can help yourself from feeling worried and anxious by doing some physical activity or exercise. Exercise releases the serotonin hormone that would help you calm down and also feel better. However, do not do the exercises that include the expression of anger, such as screaming and punching walls.

  4. Fuel Your Body

    Food and water are essential for your body. When you are hungry or your body is dehydrated, most relaxation techniques or methods will not work. So, you should eat something when you are feeling worried.

    You can eat some dark chocolates. Research has suggested that dark chocolates help in reducing stress and enhancing brain health.(1)

    You can also take a cup of green tea and honey. Studies have shown that green tea aids in reducing the stress response of our body.(2) Additionally, research has suggested that honey relieves anxiety.(3)

  5. Broaden Your View About The Situation

    Do you focus narrowly on the quick threatening aspects of any situation and not looking at the whole picture? Sometimes we generally worry about things that would not matter in the next few days. If this is happening to you then you should ease up on this matter of worrying.

  6. Visualize Yourself Being Calm

    When you are trying to calm down your worrying mind, you should first try to visualize yourself being calm. You can do it by creating a mental picture that would look like being calm. But before that, you should take a few deep breaths.

  7. Change Your Focus To Something Else

    Sometimes changing your focus to something else other than the worrying situation could be one of the effective ways to calm your worrying mind. Leave the situation or walk out of the room, and go outside; do whatever helps you calm down.

  8. Attempt Cognitive Distancing

    When you are anxious, your mind tries to protect you by predicting what negative could happen, even if there are no or fewer possibilities of the same. So, when this happens to you, try to see your thoughts as mere guesses and not as facts. If you can then try to think what positive could happen, try to recall any of the similar past experiences that have given you positive outcomes. This would be one of the effective ways to calm down your worrying mind.

  9. Go For Cognitive De-Fusion and Practice Mindfulness

    You should go for cognitive de-fusion. This means you should not get fused with your thoughts. Just, think that your thoughts are moving data and they shall pass. Choose whether or not to believe your thoughts and do not accept them.

    Mindfulness has a great impact on getting peace of our mind. You can try and practice mindfulness when you are finding hard times worrying too much.

  10. Keep A Centering Object For Yourself

    When you feel worried or anxious, a lot of energy is spent on irrational thoughts. However, you can try to choose a specific “centering object” like a polished rock, a locket, or anything such with you that can help you to calm your thoughts.

  11. Listen To Music Or Dance To The Beats

    Music and dance have great powers and can help you release your worries and tensions. So, when you want to calm your worrying mind, listen to soothing music or dance to your favorite beats.

    Research has shown that dance is an excellent way to combat anxiety and depression and also helps in increasing the quality of life.(4)

  12. Relax Your Body

    An effective way to calm your worrying mind is to relax your body. When you are anxious or too much worried, it can feel as if the muscles in your body are also tense( and this might be true). You should practice relaxing your body. For doing this, simply lie down flat on the floor by spreading your arms to the sides. Keep your arms and feet relaxed and make sure that your feet are not crossed and your hands are not in fists. Starting from your toes, go to your head by telling yourself to release tension from each part of your body. This would help you relax your body and also calm your worrying or anxious mind.

  13. Get Some Fresh Air

    Air circulation and temperature in a room can increase your anxiety and make you feel worried. This could trigger a panic attack. In such a case, move out of the environment and take some fresh air even for just a few minutes. This will help calm you down.

  14. Chew Gum

    Sometimes chewing on a piece of chewing gum can help in reducing anxiety and benefit you in making you feel calm. Research has also shown that people who regularly chew gum are usually less stressed than people who do not chew gum.

  15. Watch Funny Videos

    Someone has rightly said that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing offers therapeutic benefits and aids in relieving stress and improving mood and overall quality of life. (6)

    So one of the most effective ways to calm your worrying mind is to watch some funny videos.

  16. Write It Down

    Sometimes writing your thoughts or maintaining a journal could help to calm down our worrying mind. Writing helps in getting negative thoughts out of your mind.

  17. Have A Stress Ball To Squeeze

    When you have a worrying mind, you can try some stress-relieving toys, such as a stress ball, magnetic ball, fidget spinner, or other fidget toys.

    A study conducted in 2018 that included 81 people has shown the efficacy of fidget toys on their motor control skills.(7)

  18. Try Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy can help in alleviating stress and anxiety. So, when you feel worried, try to calm your mind through aromatherapy. Some essential oils that are used in aromatherapy are lavender, geranium, chamomile, cedarwood, tea tree, and bergamot.

  19. Spend Time With Your Pet

    Interacting with your pet can reduce stress levels and lower your blood pressure. So, when you are worried and want to calm your worrying mind then spend quality time with your pet. This will also help you improve your overall mood.

  20. Seek Social Support

    One of the most important and effective ways to calm your worrying mind is to seek social support. You can meet your special friends, talk to your family members, or close relatives about your problems and reasons to worry, and spend positive time with them when you feel tensed or worried. It could be great if you reach out to a funny friend.


Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:July 13, 2023

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