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How To Feel Good and Confident about your Body?

Body shaming is a problem that has been a real challenge for many of us from times unremembered. It is only in the recent times that the issue has gained public attention and an increasing number of people are getting aware of the huge stress this practice can cast upon some people and how that can actually catapult the life course of many. In fact, we see that these days a larger number of people are standing up against this practice, which has gained new momentum in the current times of internet communication and social media channels. The celebrities seem to face the worse brunt of the practice and many of their repercussions and reactions to such social media trolls have become an inspiration for many amongst the general people of the world.

One thing that all of us (ones who are body shaming others and the ones who are being body shamed) must understand that each one of us has a different body type, metabolism rate, specific lifestyle pattern and a unique social framework in which he or she exists. These are the aspects that affect our thinking pattern, the nature of choices that we make and hence our existence in its majority. No set pattern is proper enough that can dictate generic rules for all of us regarding what should be our body type, appearance dimensions, and nature of being a healthy individual. Hence, one must feel good about their body as that is very unique.

Honestly, being in a good healthy state is the main aspect that must drive our conscious decisions regarding the body framework in which we need to live. There are certain basic thumb rules that are applicable to all types of individual, irrespective of their age and gender that will help them to be active, healthy and strong for a long period. Adhering by these basic rules can help you lead life in the pink and make you feel good about your body.

How To Feel Good and Confident about your Body?

How To Feel Good and Confident about your Body?

If you are one those people who often get a low feeling about yourself, your body, whenever you look into the mirror, it is high time that you start adhering to some basic steps that can help you feel much better about yourself.

  • Stop Being Over-Critical: There are several people who in an ardent desire to achieve their perfect body type becomes really harsh and unforgiving to their current body status1. They constantly start criticizing their body and finally become fanatics who cannot get the shape they want and cannot stand the shape they have. This is a condition that can be really harmful to a person. The fact which needs to be understood is that not all body types are same and they cannot react to a certain trigger factor and circumstances in the same manner. There could be various people who have a high metabolism rate and hence burning fat for them happens to be much easier as compared to others who have a low metabolism rate. Hence if you do belong to the latter category please go slow and take it easy for yourself, otherwise, your health could land in a serious problem. Be merciful to your body so that it remains merciful to you.
  • Stop Guilt Binging: It has been clearly established that one of the major reasons that lead to improper body shapes is over binging. Often this binging could be due to some stress or some guilt factor. In order to stop binging like this and start feeling good about yourself and your body your analysis has to start deeper and you need to find out the reasons or the cause that inflicts this guilt binging in you. Once you can control it, you are obvious to feel good about your body.
  • Look at the Positive Aspects to Feel Good about your Body: It is never possible that all elements in a certain person’s body or appearance will be bad, Hence, the next time that you look into the mirror, start concentrating on the good aspects of your presence or appearance. For example, if your waistline is not the most inspiring, try to take a look at that radiant smile of yours. Surely you will feel very different about yourself.
  • Love Yourself: The most important aspect here is to love yourself. Every day try to spend some extra time with you. If you do not love and respect yourself, of which your body is an integral part, then how can you expect the same out of others2? Hence try to love yourself and indulge yourself. It could be through a nice parlor session or buying yourself a book of the author whom you love the most. Just don’t make those gastronomic indulgences a regular feature that will surely not help you much in toning down your body.
  • Start Acting: Once you feel that something is not right in your body and is adversely affecting your looks, start doing something about in real rather than just brooding about it. Brooding and feeling bad actually has a negative effect on your body and mind and does not do much to help. Start a diet plan, a workout session for yourself at the earliest and get going with the crack of the dawn.
  • Care for Yourself: Remember that just like everything else, your body needs care and attention. Always breaking it down is not the answer and a shortcut to feeling good about your body. Balance this ordeal with elements like a rejuvenating body massage. A stroll in the park along with friends will be more of a relaxation session than one of workout. Feeling good at heart is what will lead you to feel good in the body. Hence, love the life you have and cherish and care for the body that you own. You are sure to love it like never before.


Before being too critical about yourself just remember the fact that there are so many people in this world who suffer from different critical ailments. Be happy and grateful for the life and fully functional body that you have got. To enjoy life, be consistent in your efforts of having a balanced health and also stable in loving yourself without fail.


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