Can Meditation Regrow Hair?

Hair fall is a very common problem these days faced by almost everyone in all age groups. Several studies have proved beyond doubt that hair fall is the side-effect of anxiety, stress, depression, tension, and all allied psychological factors that keep a person dispirited, less energized and less enthusiastic towards life. Of course, there are some other factors like genetic factor, environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle, behind the thinning hairline, but the psychological factors are the biggest enemies of hair. People try scores of remedies to get back their shinning, beautiful hair, but they seldom follow the most effective methods like meditation to reduce hair fall and re-grow hair. Meditation is indeed a natural medication that could keep anybody on the earth extremely relaxed and positive towards life. Only relaxed person is seen to be a proud owner of a healthy and gorgeous hair.

Can Meditation Regrow Hair

Can Meditation Regrow Hair?

Many things in life remain beyond human’s control. However, it is possible to take charge of the states of mind and regulate how does it work and control daily activities. A human can even change his or her thinking patterns and change them for the better.

Simply speaking, meditation is a procedure of changing the mind from negativity to positivity and also relaxes the entire mind and body. Meditation practices are methods that inspire and develop concentration, clarity, positivity, and physical capacity. By engaging in a meditation practice one learns the habit of his or her mind. Meditation practice offers ways to cultivate and develop new and more positive habits. Thus, on regular practice of meditation, one can get rid of depression, stress and tension, etc. or can at least fight against these negative aspects of mind to develop a positive attitude towards the life. This reduced stress helps in complete rejuvenation of the body and mind. Meditation also increases smooth blood circulation within the body, which contributes to regrowth of hair.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Stress on Regrowth of Hair

Stress and allied issues, when live in the mind for a long time, the nerves in the head could not function properly. At the same time, the blood vessels in this region weaken severely. Since neurotransmitters could not move freely due to partial contraction of the nerves, the muscles also dysfunction. Same conditions grow in the entire body. As far as the health of hair is concerned, stress and allied issues severely damage hair. Not only directly, but also indirectly, these negative psychological factors of life cause hair fall.

Here are some direct and indirect effects of stress, tension and depression etc. on hair fall. –

  • Irregular blood supply in the scalp damages the hair follicles. As a result, the roots of the hairs fall weak and hair falls incessantly. This damage of hair follicles hampers regrowth of hair.
  • Stress is a key reason behind indigestion and malfunction of the digestive system. Thus, the digestive system could not form enough nutrients for the body, which affects the health of hair too.
  • Stress intoxicates the body rapidly. More free radicals are created and more harmful chemicals circulate through the blood. As a result, the scalp and the hair are damaged severely which stops regrowth of hair.
  • Stress weakens the immunity system of the body. People who are genetically programmed to face the hair fall after a certain age, could not reverse the genetic effects due to weakened immunity.

Thus, due to stress, tension, anxiety and depression, etc. hair falls regularly, and new hairs do not grow to fill up the gap. The natural outcome is thinning hair line and baldness.

How the Overall Health Benefits of Meditation Helps Regrow Hair?

The immediate benefits of meditation are less anxiety, tension, stress and depression, etc. As a person goes on meditating regularly many other benefits become obvious –

  • Meditation eases the muscles and blood vessels.
  • It helps in better neuromuscular synchronization.
  • Meditation also controls hypertension and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Meditation helps the neurotransmitters to work more proficiently.
  • It improves the breathing pattern, thus the body tissues get right quantity of oxygen and could drain toxic ingredients more proficiently.
  • Meditation promotes cell rejuvenation including repairing of damaged hair follicles. This helps in regrowth of hair.

It is evident that meditation revitalizes the body and mind altogether. A person who meditates regularly always remains energized and his or her inner organs work perfectly. As a result, the scalp gets enough nutrients and oxygen through the circulatory system, nerve cells attached to the scalp and hair follicles rightly functions and muscles functions actively. The hair follicles remain strong and the rate of hair fall reduces with time. Additionally, the meditation can directly and indirectly help in regrowth hair normally as the scalp gets required nutrients in the right quantities.


Hair fall is one of the most common problems for the human race irrespective of age, profession, and geographic region. However, proper practice of meditation boosts body’s immunity system to stop hair fall and re-grow hair naturally. From very ancient times, people are practicing meditation and getting lots of benefits out of the habitual practice of it. Meditation not only preserves and helps to re-grow healthy hair, but also helps to combat against many factors that are the reasons behind premature hair fall.

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