9 Post-Sex Hygiene Habits That Everyone Must Follow

Post-sex, couples mostly want to lounge in bed, relax or just fall fast asleep. But “just after sex” is actually the most crucial time for bacterial growth. Developing healthy hygiene habits after sex is essential for keeping germs and infections away. So even if one is reluctant to leave the bed, they should develop the post-coital routine of washing up. Listed below are 9 After-Sex Hygiene Habits You Should Never Skip.

9 Post-Sex Hygiene Habits That Everyone Must Follow

  1. Washing the Hands

    Before hitting the bed post-sex, it is important to wash and clean the hands properly. This hygiene habit is vital for maintaining good sexual health. Bacteria stick to the hands before sex and even during sex. So, to avoid transferring these bacteria to the genital area during sex or from the genital area after sex, the hands should be scrubbed well after making love. Washing your hands is an important after-sex hygiene habit that everyone must follow.

  2. Washing the Genitals

    Another important after-sex hygiene habit that that everyone must follow is cleaning the genitals after sex. Along with the hands, even the genitals should be washed thoroughly. Proper cleansing, especially below the foreskin, is very essential for men. They should pull back the foreskin and properly wash the inner skin and the glans with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Women are advised to dab the outer vaginal region with water and soap using a wash cloth, to prevent the spread of bacteria. At the very least, they should splash their genital with some warm water and then pat it dry.

  3. Urinating After Sex

    Although UTIs more commonly affect women, men can get them too. One of the most effective ways of preventing UTIs is urinating after sex. However, one should not force or strain themselves to urinate. They should wait a bit until they feel like urinating, but must clear their bladder before going to sleep post sex. Passing the urine is an important after-sex hygiene habit that that everyone must follow.

  4. Swishing the Mouth

    The mouth should be washed thoroughly after engaging in oral sex. It was found in some recent studies that using mouthwash after oral sex effectively inhibits the spread of bacterial infections like Chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Doctors actually advice people to refrain from brushing before sex as any tiny cut in their mouth can make them more susceptible to STIs.

  5. Avoid the Use of Fancy Perfumes & Lotions

    After sex, spraying on something scented, to feel fresh and clean, should be absolutely avoided. Instead, a mild soap and water should be used for the job. Strongly scented, harsh soaps can irritate the delicate skin and increase its susceptibility to infection. This suggestion also applies to sex products such as lubes. It is best to use unscented and unflavoured stuff on the body. Women should avoid douching just after sex as it not only harms the pH balance of their vagina, but can also flush STIs into the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

  6. Changing the Underwear

    Changing into clean underwear is another after-sex hygiene habit that you should never ever skip. Not only does putting on a pair of clean underwear after sex make one feel nice, but it also helps to prevent bacterial infections. The old underwear can contain bacteria or other sex-related fluids which can cause infections if worn again. So it is a must for a couple to change their underwear after having sex, especially if the foreplay involved dry-humping.

  7. Noting any Discomfort

    After sex, one should take some time to check in with their body to make sure that everything feels fine. If any discomfort, or anything abnormal, is noticed, the individual should make a note of it. If the discomfort persists after sexual intercourse, then it is best to visit a doctor and get the problem diagnosed properly. In case of intolerable discomfort, the doctor should be contacted immediately. “Right after sex”, is the best time to analyse the body and exactly identify the physical sensations and the area where pain was felt. Paying attention then could help to diagnose something important early on and get the required treatment in time. So one should pay heed to any type of discomfort after sex and this habit comes under an after-sex hygiene habit that everyone must follow.

  8. Cleaning the Accessories

    Ones using lubrication or any toys during sex should clean them to prevent the spread of any germs. As the first line of defence, the toys and lube bottles should be cleaned properly with soap and warm water. Most silicone toys can be boiled or cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher. Some toys with a motor may not be waterproof, and so must not be submerged completely in water when cleaning. Cleaning your sex toys or accessories is one of the after-sex hygiene habits that everyone must follow.

  9. Changing the Sheets

    Sheets should be changed post every sexual encounter, especially if any bodily fluids get secreted on to them. The sheets should be washed every time if possible, as this would help to get rid of any bacteria if sex, especially anal or period sex, was messy. Ones who do not wish to do so much of laundry every time should get a specific ‘sex sheet’ which can be laid on top of other sheets before having sex. Even medical disposable pads can be laid down on the bed for the purpose. However, it is important to change your sheets after every sexual act and is one of the important after-sex hygiene habits that everyone must follow.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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