Rice Water Benefits: Know Its Beauty & Health Secrets

Rice is one cereal which is available in around 40,000 varieties all over the world, and is categorized in to two main types namely whole grain rice and White rice. Various people have various preference and varied choices in their taste or flavors. This make them choose different varieties of rice as per their suitability and preferences. However, taking rice in general, it can be stated that this is a crucial cereal which feeds about more than 50% of the entire population of the World. Most of us know about the various health benefits rice provide to the mankind. However, very few know about the benefits of rice water to health and beauty of us human beings. How about giving a look on some of the most special health and beauty benefits of rice water here? This is exactly what we are going to explain in the current article. So go through the following array of the article to know about some crucial advantages of rice water.

Rice Water Benefits: Know Its Beauty & Health Secrets

Various Health Benefits of Rice Water:

“Good health reflects the real beauty of a person!” It is already known that rice contains a high percentage of carbohydrate, lower percentage of sodium and is cholesterol free. This makes rice to be an essential cereal feeding millions of people and having excellent health benefits. To get maximum benefits from rice for good health; one can be take rice directly after being prepared or can intake the rice water, rice bran oil or rice bran powder for treating various health conditions. Let us look below for some of the exclusive health benefits of rice and rice water below.

Various Health Benefits of Rice Water

  • Rice Water-An Excellent Source of Energy: Because of abundant carbohydrate present in rice or rice water, it helps in providing energy to the body. Apart from this, the presence of vitamin, minerals etc assist in improving metabolic activities of all your body organs.
  • Rice Water Is Beneficial For Treating Various Digestive Issues: Rice water is also beneficial in treating serious digestive issues like lose motions, constipation, irritating stomach etc. It also increases appetite.
  • Benefits of Rice Water in Lowering Blood Pressure: Rice or rice water is highly beneficial for patients suffering from hypertension, as it helps in reducing the blood pressure greatly. Presence of lower sodium content in rice makes it more beneficial for reducing the blood pressure.
  • Essential For Cardiovascular Health: Rice is also known for enhancing cardiovascular functions in body because of the antioxidant nature.
  • Help Greatly In Alzheimer’s Disease: It is known that brown rice is rich in certain nutrients which are beneficial for growth and development of neurotransmitters. Thus such rice or rice water can be used for reducing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Rice Water Helps in Reducing Obesity: Because rice/rice water is free from cholesterol, it also helps in reducing fat or obesity in many people.
  • Rice Water is Beneficial in Preventing Cancer: Rice grain, especially the whole grain brown rice is rich in insoluble fiber, anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and phenols etc; which helps in preventing many types of cancer.

Benefits of Rice Water in Enhancing Beauty:

“Grandma’s special beauty secret!” Rice water is a superb natural skin toner which has been used by many people since early days, especially in traditional parts of Asia. It is used as a natural face wash and hair wash and also prescribed by many Ayurvedic practitioners.

Rice Water For Face and Hair:

  • The phenolic compounds present in rice water help in preventing redness, irritation, acne, pimples etc and serve as excellent anti-inflammatory substances.
  • The presence of anti-oxidant property in rice water assists in preventing or reducing skin or face wrinkles.
  • Rice water helps as a brilliant skin toner and keeps the skin smooth and helps in maintaining a brighter skin tone.
  • It helps in tightening the skin pores and thus acts as an essential astringent on the skin.
  • Rice water is also applied on hair for healthy and shiny hair.

How To Use Rice Water For Better Beauty/Skin Care?

It must be mentioned here that rice water intake has also its special benefits towards improved beauty. However, to apply the same on skin for better benefits and to know about how to prepare your very own skin toner from rice water and use on skin for an enhanced beauty right at home? Look below for the preparation.

  • Once your rice water is prepared and cooled enough for use, take a clean skin care face cloth and wet it in the rice water properly.
  • Now pat your face or any part of the skin with the rice water cloth properly.
  • Do this for several times till your skin or face gets totally saturated.
  • Let the portion get air dry.
  • You must do this twice a week for better result in bright and smooth skin.

Rice Water And Its Preparation At Home:

Rice water has been known for treating various health problems in people since early days. Being rich with carbohydrates, cholesterol free and low sodium content etc, rice or rice water is known to have wonderful health benefits for man. There are various health benefits of rice water which we will be studying in the later section of our article. However, one of the most crucial health benefits of rice water is its amazing role as a stress reliever. Apart from the benefits to health, rice water has also been considered as an excellent hair and face wash since ages in many parts of Asia.

Rice water is readily available in various health food stores dealing with beauty product supplies. However, it can also be easily prepared at home in a hassle free and quick manner. Let us learn the preparation method for rice water.

Preparation Of Rice Water:

Here below are the easy steps explained.

  • Boil the rice grain with enough water till the rice turns extremely soft and ready to eat.
  • Drain the water from the container to another container for its use.
  • Keep aside the prepared rice and let the separated rice water cool in refrigerator.
  • Make sure you have drained the water in a proper way and kept it free from any rice grain.
  • This rice water is now ready to be your beauty care product or skin toner in a specialized way (to be explained in the later section of the article) or can also be taken directly so as to get various health benefits including benefits of stress relief, relief from constipation, dysentery, lowering blood pressure and various other.

Now that the various health and beauty benefits of Rice water are known to you, why not start using this excellent natural source of rice in enhancing your health and beauty?

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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