Spring Break Diet

Spring break is that time of the year for which you have to wait throughout the year. But along with the sunny beaches, comfortable weather and the warm water along the beaches, there comes the pressure to have the perfect bikini-friendly body that you would want to flaunt. It is, however, a bit more difficult than it seems to maintain a proper spring break diet. Although a short spring break diet would not make you look as attractive as you would want, but with proper maintenance, dedication and by sticking to a proper calorie restricted diet, you can certainly expect your hard work to pay off.

Spring Break Diet

Spring Break Diet

  • De-clutter your Fridge, Freezer and Cupboard:

Despite maintaining a light and controlled meal throughout winter and not indulging yourself in the rich and spicy foods and meals, you will still find that your fridge, freezer as well as your cupboards are all accumulated with unhealthy, preservative rich food contents. Fatty meats and processed meats like sausages and salamis and others, which are rich in preservatives as well as in calorie content, should be thrown out as a part of your spring break diet plan. A little lean meat and fish can be kept in the freezer, but not for storing long, but for consuming within a few days. This will not ruin their nutrient values.

All the liquid dressings like mayo, mustard sauce and sour cream can be replaced with a little Greek yogurt and balsamic vinegar, olive oil or a bit of lemon juice. This will cut short the calorie content to a great extent and goes well with the freshly available veggies that you can use in making salads. Along with this, saying no to bleached sugar, all-purpose flour etc. and choosing whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, low-sodium beans as well as wheat pasta instead will be a far better option.

  • Detoxifying Your Body:

Once you have got rid of all the high calorie foods in your possession, it is now time that you wash your body off the toxin that has developed in your body. Eating fresh and eating right is the key to staying healthy, not only in the spring season, but also throughout the year. However, not just any food can detoxify your body; you have to maintain a proper diet or food habit for that.

  1. Get Rid of Addiction in your Diet for the Spring Break:

    When you want to eliminate the toxic agents from your diet, it is very important that you ask yourself about what you cannot even think of eliminating from your diet even for a few days. If you get an answer, then it is a clear sign that you must get rid of it for your spring break diet plan to be effective. Coffee is one of those very elements in your diet that you will find yourself addicted to and that creates toxins in your body. Eliminating coffee in your spring break diet plan at least for 5 to 7 days and replacing it with herbal tea, green tea or a little white tea (rich in antioxidants) will be great for detoxifying, while assisting in avoiding the withdrawal symptoms. According to the report of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition January 2005 issue, green tea burns calories and helps in detoxifying the body.

  2. Include Colourful Foods and Fruits in Your Spring Break Diet:

    The more you add colourful fruits and vegetables in your diet, the more your body would be detoxified. Food and fruits that have low glycemic index and that have a good amount of antioxidants, are good for removing the toxins. They will also sustain energy for the body to perform tasks and also flush the system out of the toxins. Add colourful bell peppers, berries of all sorts, green veggies, tomatoes, broccoli and others in your spring break diet plan.

  3. Get Rid of Fats and Add Essential Fatty Acids in Your Diet Plan for the Spring Break:

    Do not eat the fatty meats; rather incorporate lean meats and chicken in your diet. You must also keep in mind that the body is in need for a proper amount of fat supply and that should be provided from ground flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, avocados, olive oil, nuts and other seeds. Having fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acid is a great way to supply the essential fat to the body during your spring break diet as it will also help you get rid of the bad fats and toxins.

  4. Drink Plenty of Water:

    Although you might have heard about the benefits of drinking plenty of water to have a glowing skin and to have a clean system, it is also a fact that water is probably the best way to detoxify your body. It will take out all the toxins through urine and sweat and hence, the body must be supplied with a good amount of water in your spring break diet plan.

  • Spring Clean Makeover To Your Diet:

Scientists and researchers from the Pennsylvania State University have stated that if you can fill your tummy up with three cups of spring salad, made up of carrots, celery, cucumbers, iceberg and romaine lettuce, fat-free dressing, tomatoes and light mozzarella cheese and other low calorie ingredients, it will make you feel filled up and you will consume 12% less calories from your main diet. This way, you will be supplied with the necessary nutrients, needed amount of calorie and also stay healthy by eating a lot of veggies.

An expert at Pritikin Longevity Centre and Spa in Aventura has come up in a recent study with the fact that dry cereals have a whopping 1400 calories to 2000 calories per pound. Whereas, having the same cereal in the wet and hot form will lessen one-fifth of the calorie density.

After a winter or fall which is full of eatables like roasts and barbeques, your taste buds will also crave for fresh and raw foods and it will be beneficial for your health as well. Try to incorporate cooked lean meats and chicken along with fresh veggies, salads and salsa in your spring break diet. It will reduce the calorie value to a great extent. In a 2011 study by Harvard scientists, it was proven that heat makes more calories available from a food to be absorbed by the body. Hence, if you include raw food in your spring diet , you are choosing lesser amount of calories and as it would require more chewing, you will be receiving a feeling of fullness from the brain.

  • Follow a New Diet for the Spring:

Spring needs a separate diet and not the usual diet that you follow. You must incorporate different foods and fruits that are exclusive to spring in your diet plan for the spring season.

  1. Say No to Sugar:

    Sugar is an absolute no in this season, if you want that glamorous body and bikini curves ready in no time. When sugar is meant, it does not indicate to the bleached sugar alone, but also to the carbs that you regularly eat. Choose honey and high fibrous whole grains instead. Quinoa and other whole grains are also best for your diet.

  2. Add Nuts and Fruits to your Spring Break Diet:

    Spring is the time for fresh fruits and if you are looking for a healthy and tasty diet choose the nutty delights. Walnuts are very good for your health and can be incorporated within your diet.

  3. Veggies and Greens Should be a Must in your Diet Plan for the Spring Break:

    Include as much as raw veggies as possible in your spring break diet plan. It is rich in fibre and low in calorie and hence, it will help in detoxifying. Make veggie smoothies instead of rich in calorie smoothies. Radish, asparagus, spinach etc. are very good for health and detoxifying agents and must be included in diet.

  4. Eat Frequently and Drink More Liquids:

    Eating frequently with small portions is a very good idea. But if you are not an early eater in the morning, try to incorporate some amount of liquid like a skim milk latte or a yogurt smoothie to have the stomach supplied with some amount of food to keep the system running.

    With these tips, getting a bikini-body for this spring will not be much difficult. However, always remember that there is no short cut to what you want to achieve and hence, it is time that you start the hard work.

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