11 Tips to Make Waking up Easier

The benefits of waking up easier are many as it gives a sense of satisfaction while revitalizing the body. Adequate sleep turns the body and mind ready to take up challenges the next day. The benefits may remain out of reach when confronted with the inability of waking up in the morning at the desired hour. The very basic reason for the problem lies in the inefficient management of the circadian rhythm unless confronted by any medical condition or disease. (1) Circadian rhythm is a natural process working like a clock cycle within the human body while controlling all internal processes in a sleep-wake cycle within a 24-hour time frame. (2)

11 Tips to Make Waking Up Easier

The feeling guilty for not being able to rise on time in the morning is common to millions. The following tips can turn the experience of waking up in the morning smoother and easier – (2)

  1. Know Your Circadian Rhythm To Make Waking Up Easier: It is necessary to know how much sleep on an average one needs in a day. It is subjective but the average stands somewhere between 7- 9 hours a day unless otherwise confronted.
  2. Let There Be Light: Let there be light and there was light, an excerpt from the Bible is very useful in this context too. Once the sleep is over let the natural light from the sun come and fill the room with fresh air.
  3. Alarms and Sleep Deprivation: Alarms disturb sleep and one should sleep as long as possible without any hindrance caused by alarms.
  4. Enjoy the Morning: The morning comes with loads of benefits like serenity in the atmosphere prompting one to enjoy the day with a walk or enjoy the day by going around one’s hobby.
  5. A Cup of Hot Drink: Having a cup of tea or coffee serves the purpose of stimulating one’s nerves and bringing in enhanced alertness.
  6. Set up Workout Sessions: Setting up a workout session such as physical exercise and yoga boosts the energy and power up the metabolism.
  7. Say No to Screens Before Sleeping: Staying in the exposure of television, cellular phones and computers significantly disrupts sleeping and eventually may lead to sleep deprivation. So, avoiding the gadgets at least two hours before sleep is necessary.
  8. Alcohol Cannot Give a Good Sleep: Contrary to the notion of thousands, alcohol cannot give a good sleep as waking up the next morning is often filled with tiredness.
  9. Take Melatonin If Required: Melatonin is a hormone that influences the body clock to have a good sleep. When required one should take melatonin as a supplement.
  10. A Peaceful Evening Can Make Waking Up Easier: A calm and peaceful evening with less interaction with stress helps to have a good sleep.
  11. A Sleep-Schedule Making Waking Up Easier: Following a sleep schedule helps plan sleep timings while efficiently managing the circadian rhythm.

Sleep Right to Wake Up Easier

Turning the experience of waking up into a smooth and easy experience is necessary for starting the day in a great way and doing great things around the day. When the best intentions and gadgets cannot deliver the assurance of starting the day more easily, the tips aforesaid prove immensely effective.


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