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Causes Of Waking Up With Back Pain & Ways To Get Rid Of It?

Back pain is one of the common medical ailments that affect every 8 in 10 people at least once in their lives. It can be dull and continuous or sudden and sharp in nature. Acute back pain usually has a sudden onset and settles down in few days to few weeks. Chronic back pain remains for more than three months. Back pain generally does not have any serious illness like cancer. It is mostly caused by bad posture, wrong sleeping positions, and other lifestyle habits. The patient usually experiences back pain in the morning.(1)

Causes Of Waking Up With Back Pain & Ways To Get Rid Of It?

Causes of Waking Up With Back Pain

Back pain is characterized by pain caused due to ailments of the parts of the back such as ligaments, nerves, muscles and bony structures. Back pain may or may not be associated with serious ailments. Although if back pain remains more than two weeks after its occurrence, then it indicates towards a serious medical illness with associated symptoms like loss of bladder or bowel control, numbness in legs, intense pain at night, unexplained weight loss, fever, etc.

Morning back pain is a common entity for many people. People feel stiffness and tightness in the lower side of the back. Morning back pain is a routine repetitive pain in the back that one experiences daily after waking up with temporary relief of symptoms.

The Symptoms Of Morning Back Pain Are

  • Dull pain in the lower side of the back
  • Stabbing pain radiating to lower limbs
  • Difficulty in standing without pain
  • Difficulty to move and flex the back

The Causes Of Morning Back Pain Are

Strain – improper sitting posture, injury to the back, and improper sleeping position can cause strain to back resulting in pain. Strain can happen from over-exertion, incorrect lifting of heavy objects, sudden awkward movements, sports or an injury. The muscles and ligaments of the back may be affected due to straining.

Structural Ailments– many structural issues of backbones can induce back pain in the morning. These are-

  • Abnormalities of the skeleton such as scoliosis and narrowing of the vertebrae caused by arthritis.
  • Injuries in the disc resulting in herniation or bulging or rupture can result in back pain. Sometimes nerves get compressed due to this bulged or herniated disc leading to intense pain in the back. It may also extend to the legs causing pain, tingling, and numbness in the legs. This can cause sciatica.
  • Osteoporosis is also one of leading cause of back pain as it can result in fractures of the vertebras.

Other Causes Of Morning Back Pain May Include-

Ways to Get Rid Of Morning Back Pain

Below Mentioned Are Some Of The Ways To Get Rid Of Morning Back Pain:

  • Choose appropriate bed mattress for yourself. A medium-firm mattress is recommended to reduce the back pain.
  • Back pain can be relieved to a great extent if Cushions are used under the back or in between knees during sleep.
  • Weight loss and healthy balanced diet help a lot in back pain.
  • Severe back pain needs complete bed rest.
  • The hot or cold application can assist in managing pain.
  • Exercises can improve your posture. Physiotherapy can help you make your core muscles strong by posture training.
  • Flat or low heeled shoes will help a lot reduce strain on the back.
  • Analgesics and inflammatory medicines are prescribed by your physician after evaluation of your case according to the underlying causes.
  • Doctor will consider surgery in case of structural abnormalities.


Morning back pain is experienced when the parts involved have any ailment or abnormality or are subjected to strain or injury. This pain can be dull to sharp in character. It is repetitive pain that happens in the morning with temporary relief throughout the day. Correction of sitting and sleeping postures with the management of obesity and other underlying causes can relieve back pain.


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