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Tuberose Essential Oil: Top Uses and Benefits of the Miraculous Oil

Tuberose known as Night Queen or Raat ki rani, is one of those very few flowers that bloom only at night and has a mesmerizing scent. Scientifically known as Polianthes tuberosa, this flower has many benefits both in absolute as well as in essential forms. This flower has waxy white leaves and is one of the most ornamental bulbous flowering plants in India and other countries. It blooms throughout the year and is originated from Mexico in the sixteenth century. It is used for the extraction of essential oil.

Despite its name resembling with rose, this flower doesn’t have much in common with the rose except the pleasant fragrance and beautiful appearance. Rather it has tube-like roots that give it this common name.

Tuberose flower represents sensuality and romance and is widely used in aromatherapy to heal our mind, body, and soul.
Tuberose flower is used extensively for making high-quality scents and perfumes. It is said that the smell of this flower is so mesmerizing and inviting that women in old times were prohibited to use its scent.

Mostly found in Central America, Mexico and India, this flower has a wide industry. Its high demand in Africa, the Middle East, and India makes it a little expensive and rare.(1, 5, 7)

In this article, we will be answering all the questions related to Tuberose essential oil.

How is Tuberose Essential Oil Extracted?

The fragrance of Tuberose is widely used in the perfume industry but its extraction from the raw flower is not that simple. This is due to the reason that it is too fragile to undergo steam distillation.

It is normally found in absolute form and transformation of this to essential oil is done by the solvent extraction method. This method is used for the extraction of oil from flowers like jasmine, rose, etc. which are too fragile to bear steam distillation.

Tuberose absolute is dark-brown in appearance. Also, there are some perfumes in which absolute is used by steam distillation but they are very expensive. This absolute has a floral and earthy scent. Its fragrance is one of the most valuable perfume fragrances.(3, 6)

What are the Main Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil?

What are the Main Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil?

Tuberose Essential oil has such a delicate fragrance that can heal you emotionally as well as psychologically. Due to its calming fragrance and soothing quality, it can also be used in massage oil, bath products and lotions. This oil when used, is mixed in the quantity of 5% in the carrier oil due to the strong fragrance and high cost. Its mesmerizing aroma is something that is used in many products to refresh the mind and soul of the person.

This night-blooming flower has some unique qualities due to which it can’t be replaced in most of the perfumes and other products like lotions and oils.

Tuberose essential oil has excellent aphrodisiac, sedative, anti-spasmodic and antidepressant properties.(1, 5)

This flower is used to raise the emotional control and strength of a person and is mentioned in Ayurveda for its excellent health benefits. Some of the health and beauty benefits of tuberose essential oil are given below:

Tuberose Essential Oil Acts as Aphrodisiac:

The refreshing and relaxing fragrance of Tuberose Essential Oil helps people to minimize their stress and anxiety by increasing libido and decreasing the frigidness of the person. The essence of this oil can stimulate the human brain for sexual arousal and response. It happens because this oil increases blood circulation in the body which in turn helps the person to get rid of stress and tension and become more responsive to any activity.

The usage of this oil leads to the secretion of feel-good hormones in the body to support the response of the person in a positive way. Due to this, tuberose essential oil is used extensively in many Ayurvedic remedies and aromatherapy in the treatment of impotence.

The aroma of this oil promotes a relaxing and sexually arousing feeling due to its warming effect on organs.(1, 5, 8, 9)

Tuberose Essential Oil is Good for Skin Health:

Tuberose essential oil can be used on the skin to protect it from aging and drying. When this oil is applied with lukewarm water on the skin, it locks the moisture of the skin and keeps it safe. Also, when applied on the skin, the oil helps to solve the problem of pigmentation, aging signs, scars and marks of the skin.

Some skin diseases like eczema and other skin related fungal or bacterial infections can also be treated with this oil when included in the daily skincare routine. This is because it closes the pores of the skin that stops bacterial infections and controls the oil secretion from pores. It can be used as a regular moisturizer also.(5, 8, 12)

Reduced Hair Fall Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil:

This oil strengthens hair roots and reduces hair loss. This is due to its warming effect and stress relieving characteristics that eventually helps in strengthening of hair. To use it for hair, one must dilute it with some suitable carrier oil.(5, 8, 12)

Respiratory Health Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil Supports :

Tuberose essential oil supports the proper functioning of the respiratory organs due to its warming effect. It prevents the deposition of the catarrh and phlegm in the respiratory system. In winters, this warm oil can be used to neutralize the common cold. The warming effect of this oil is caused by increasing blood circulation in the body.

The oil is used in keeping respiratory track calm and treating asthma. It has properties that give relief from excessive cough and mucous. Some other respiratory problems and allergies are also treated with the help of tuberose essential oil.(2, 5)

Tuberose Essential Oil as a Home Disinfectant and Insect Repellent:

Due to the naturalness and anti-infective properties of this oil, it can be used as a disinfectant at homes. Unlike other chemical disinfectants, it doesn’t cause any harm or side effect and is effective against some common bacteria. Using this oil as a spray by mixing it with water and lavender oil in smooth consistency to kill bacteria, is extremely useful in disinfecting the house.

The warming effect of this oil helps in creating an unfavorable environment for insects and helps in controlling them. Many undeveloped countries that face alarming problems due to insect causing diseases can use this oil to get rid of them without any side effects.(8, 10, 11)

Tuberose Essential Oil Helps in Reducing Stress:

Another benefit of tuberose essential oil is that it is helpful in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Its warming properties and mesmerizing fragrance help people in handling emotional trauma and anxieties. Using it regularly with any carrier oil for massage, can make a huge difference in the management of stress and tension.

This oil has sedative properties that help to calm your mind and helps you fall asleep. You can take benefit from its fragrance in many ways. Just light the candle with this aroma or massage it with some carrier oil or just smell it to enjoy its pleasant odor. It will help to relax the nervous system and mind. It is beneficial to treat diarrhea, convulsions, depression, anger, sleeplessness, etc.(1, 4, 5, 14)

Some Other Uses of Tuberose Essential Oil:

This oil is used in treating cracks of the heels by stimulating the healing process and moisturizing the skin. For this, it should be mixed with some other oil.

It is used in eliminating toxins from the body and ensures sufficient oxygen supply to every organ. Thus, it keeps the body healthy and toxin-free.

Another use of this oil is in reducing nausea. The mesmerizing and deep fragrance of this oil helps in decreasing the feeling of vomiting.

Candles made from Tuberose essential oil and sweet-smelling oils are used by people to chill and relax after a long hectic day. These candles are sold commercially to create a positive and pleasant environment in homes and workplaces.

Below are given some FAQs about tuberose essential oil:

How Does Tuberose Essential Oil Smell?

Tuberose has a rich and powerful smell that is difficult to tame. Its scent has complexity and peace. To some extent, it smells like jasmine and gardenia flower and gives warmth. It is sweet and heady to some extent and mesmerizing too. It can irritate those with a very sensitive nose.

Which Essential Oils Can Be Used To Blend With Tuberose Essential Oil?

Many other essential oils like Jasmine, lavender, gardenia, neroli, rose; lemon, etc. can be used to blend with Tuberose Essential oil.

Which Carrier Oils Can Be Used With Tuberose Essential Oil?

Rose or ylang-ylang oil is the most common carrier oil to be used with tuberose essential oil. This is used to make tuberose oil dilute and suitable for use in massage and other applications.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Using Tuberose Essential Oil?

Due to a strong, deep and long-lasting fragrance, using this oil involves some precautions. Its overpowering and mesmerizing smell is extremely beneficial for us but still, some safety measures should be taken while using it. Also, in some health conditions, it is not advised to use its perfumes. Therefore, knowing some precautions before using it, is good and these precautions are:

Pregnant ladies and people easily prone to allergies are advised not to use it. This is because of the strong smell of the oil that may cause health problems like vomit, dizziness to them.

Use this oil externally only. It is not formed to consume internally. Also, some of its uses require dilution with some carrier oil; therefore, it should not be used in concentrated form.

Not everything suits everyone and the same applies to the tuberose essential oil. Its strong odor can cause headaches, nausea and sometimes irritation to some people. Therefore, first, have a patch test or trial before including it in your daily life.

Anything in excess is harmful and so is this oil. Therefore it is advised to use it in the right amount.(1, 5, 7, 8, 9)


Tuberose also called Polianthes tuberosa comes from the Asparagaceae family with a very rare and mesmerizing fragrance. It was first originated in Mexico and now has become popular in the scented candle industry.

It is used in deodorants and perfumes widely due to its unique, pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. The aphrodisiac smell of this flower had made it a key ingredient in the royal perfume industry of ancient times. It is mostly used in warm countries to overpower sweat odor and smell good.

It is widely used in aromatherapy for the treatment of sexual problems like late arousal and for mood making etc. It is also used in sedatives to bring sleep. Its calm and soothing smell helps people relax their minds and reduce stress by increasing blood circulation that results in a sound sleep.

It is also very useful in making our skin and hair healthy. So include this oil in your routine and enjoy the benefits.


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