5 Ultimate Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life Completely

Morning rituals help us to connect with our inner self before we kick start a busy day. Not only do they keep you grounded, but also give some perspective and sets the tone for the day. Good morning habits are needed for physical, psychological and emotional well-being. By having a proper morning routine, it is possible to stay on that course throughout the entire lifetime. On the other hand, having a slow start of the day results in lack of productivity. You can even feel physically sluggish, dejected and moody.

Habits tend to persist even when a person is tired and suffering from stress. When a healthy daily routine is established, the people can adhere to it easily. There are a few habits that need to be incorporated into the morning schedule that will make you look forward to the day. It also gives you a feeling of satisfaction knowing that it is the time carved out especially for you.

5 Ultimate Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life Completely

5 Ultimate Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life Completely

Below mentioned are 5+ morning habits that can change your life:

  1. Get up Early

    Some people find it a daunting task to get out of bed. However, studies tell us that morning people are proactive and get better grades in school, perform well in colleges, do well in business and also enjoy better job opportunities. They are capable of anticipating problems and minimizing them. A close examination of the best CEOs of the world shows that most of them wake up in the morning between 5 and 6 am. They are also found to be happier than night owls. While it could be in our genes to be a morning person or a night owl, it is possible to adjust our lifestyle and develop new habits. Simple steps include leaving the windows and curtains open in your room to wake up with the sunrise.

    Natural light is the best way to synchronize the internal clock. It takes a month to adapt to this pattern, but it is the most rewarding. It is not recommended to have cheat-day during the weekends. Getting adequate sleep is also important. So, it is important to go to bed early to wake up early.

  2. Rinse the Mouth with Coconut Oil

    Ayurveda suggests the practice of rinsing the mouth with oil for 20 minutes in the morning. It is known as oil pulling and it boosts the immune system, raises the energy level and benefits the skin. It also promotes oral hygiene, cures bad breath and tooth decay. Sensitivity and gingivitis are reduced, teeth are left whiter.

  3. Dry Brush Your Skin

    This process uses coarse bristles in order to brush the skin in a specific way. It helps the lymphatic system to remove the waste from the body and reduces sickness and inflammation. It also makes the person more relaxed by boosting circulation and fighting cellulite. The digestive system gets a kick-start. This exfoliation method also gives a morning glow. It gives a good boost of energy. The process begins from the feet by using a fiber body brush that is all natural. Brush upwards by using long upwards movements and move towards the heart. Use circular movements in the clockwise direction at the stomach and armpits. This should be done every morning for 10 to 15 minutes before taking a shower.

  4. Lower the Shower Water Heat

    After dry brushing, a warm shower feels good but before you get out of the shower, turns the water cold. It helps in increasing the oxygen intake, improves the heart rate and blood circulation. It also helps the immune function and improves the level of alertness. By using cold water, weight loss can be stimulated, along with reducing muscle soreness in athletes. There is also an improvement in the recovery time when you use this method. Cold water therapy helps in reducing the symptoms of stress and depression. It also helps in making the hair long and beautiful by straightening follicles and improves the shine by reducing breakage.

  5. Have Lemon Water

    This refreshing habit should be cultivated. Once you wake up, squeeze the juice from half of a lemon into a glass of water and drink it. It boosts digestion and increases the iron absorption levels as well as benefits the heart and bloodstream. It also boosts metabolism. It helps in starting a stress-free day as the smell reduces stress and depression levels.

  6. Meditate

    Meditation is a powerful mental exercise which can lower the blood pressure while easing chronic pain. It reduces the anxiety levels, boosts immunity, improves concentration and also performed to resolve pregnancy issues. It is important to meditate for 15 minutes a day. After 6 weeks of meditation, the emotional distress a person experiences, tend to come down. While there are no tough rules of meditation, it is important to tune out distractions while meditating. It can either be simple breathing in and out, or it can be repeating a mantra or carrying out a few yoga poses.

  7. Workout

    When you wake up early, the best way to spend the additional time is to work out. Working out helps in boosting energy and maintain a good and healthy physique. It also relieves stress. Studies show that having an early exercise routine helps in increasing the energy for the rest of the day and improving the metabolism. By having a consistent workout routine, individuals tend to do better jobs. It also helps an individual to have a proper night’s sleep.

  8. Eat Breakfast

    Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but many people tend to ignore it. Skipping breakfast can result in obesity, type 2 diabetes, lower immunity and heart diseases. By having a balanced breakfast, the energy levels are boosted. It helps in fighting with cravings for junk food. Green smoothies are the most ideal option for breakfast. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants as well as a range of health benefits. The morning routine is set to be very demanding especially with the workouts. Make sure to eat a proper and healthy breakfast to meet your energy requirements.

  9. Set Your Goals

    As you eat your breakfast or sip your coffee in the morning, set goals for yourself for the day. It can be something very personal like making your bed or arranging your closet. It can also be professional goals. You can also set up goals for your passion such as finishing the first chapter of your book. Completing these tasks takes energy and it is important to plan out for the day. Goal setting works even if financial reward is not the aim.

  10. Read Something Inspirational

    It is good to read any inspirational content which uplifts the spirit and motivates you to make the best of your day. While running and exercising keep you fit physically, reading keeps you fit mentally. It prepares you for the setbacks you can face in a day. It is good to read the newspaper as well. It is important to incorporate motivational reading into the daily routine in order to be more productive. It also leaves you more resilient and calm and makes you ready to face challenges for the day.

    Some other tips to have a good day include avoiding the phone checking the first thing in the morning and maintain a gratitude list. Once these habits are developed, they will be implicated into the psyche. Consistency is all it takes and it is rewarding for a lifetime.

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