Can Wallet Cause Back Pain?

“The strength of a woman is reflected from her heels and for a man it is his wallet!” But just like heels do cause an equal amount of pain as it gets you the dignity; similarly wallet also is known to generate pain in men even though your wallet may save your dignity anytime. Wondering about what pain can a wallet cause? Well! The whole point lies in the pain which is caused in the back, especially the lower back (Sciatica) which has one of its major cause related to the heavy wallet men usually carry on their back pocket. If you are one of those men who have complaints on back pain, just make a note, “Your wallet may be a reason behind it!”.

Can Wallet Cause Back Pain?

The current article will revolve around the fact of back pain and will discuss if wallet can cause back pain. You can also get to know about some of the special treatments and preventive measures for back pain caused due to wallet in your back pocket.

Know About Back Pain And Sciatica

Back pain in men and women is common these days, and there are many reasons behind the same. Amongst all the types of back pain one can adhere with in his lifetime, comes the pain or irritation caused in Sciatica. Now, what is Sciatica? Well! This is a collection of symptoms including the lower back pain, pain in buttocks, hips, legs etc or a kind of “pins and needles” sensation in the back or the leg caused due to irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve of spinal cord. Sciatica nerve is the long nerve that runs from the lower back of a person down the legs on the back. So, any harsh impact on the sciatic nerve may result in sciatica or the back pain. Let us know more about the same in the following array of our article.

Causes Of Back Pain

“You cannot understand the exact pain, unless you have known the enemy to its inner core!” Now, coming down to the back pain or sciatica; there can be many underlying reasons that may lead to the irritating painful condition on the back or the leg. Some of the causes are listed below.

  • Nerve problems may be one of the crucial reasons behind the back pain.
  • Degenerative disc diseases may also cause back pain or sciatica.
  • In case one is suffering from Arthritis, there are common chances of back pain.
  • Muscular tribulations may be a cause of back pain
  • Among some other common causes of back pain, we can include the physical labor, strenuous activities or sports acts, sleeping long in a wrong posture may etc may lead to back pain.
  • However, the most common cause of back pain seen in most men at an early age may result from the thick wallet they carry in their back pocket. We will make a clear note on the same in the following section of the content.

How Can Wallet Cause Back Pain?

A common quote on wallet we all must have come across goes, “My wallet is like onion; it makes me cry whenever I see it!” Now, it is something about a wallet without enough of cash or credit/debit cards in it that can make a men cry. But give a thought on that heavy wallet man carries on their back pocket that is filled with lots of cards, heavy cash and looks like a packed thick and heavy stone to increase your weight by half a pound than your original weight! Sounds funny! Isn’t it? Well! Apart from fun, let us come straight to our point of concern here.

A thick and heavy wallet when carried in the back pocket for long may cause severe back pain or lead to sciatica. Yes! You read that right. Men who carry their heavy wallet on the back hip pocket while long drives or even while sitting at the workstation for long; do have complaints on their back pain, hip, buttock or waist and leg pain. Such a kind of back pain is caused with the compression of the nerves. Make a read on the following array to know what exactly happens and how the risk grows.

The Actual Concept Behind Wallet Causing Back Pain!

When you carry a thick wallet on one back hip pocket of yours and sit for long, one cheek runs higher than the other. This is the bump in one cheek that cause the chronic pain in the back, especially hip, waist, lower back, buttock or leg. Men have common complaints of getting moan after a long drive with the wallet on the back. Though they are unaware of this fact of wallet, it runs very common in all men.

The exact physiology behind the wallet and the back pain is that when you sit on the wallet at one back pocket for long, you may compress the sciatic nerves to a greater extent and that may cause severe back pain.

The Growing Risk of Back Pain Due To Wallet

The back pain caused due to your thick wallet, which may look common at first may go really worse if you do not pay proper attention on it or do not take necessary steps avoiding or reducing the same. But the risk of getting such kind of back pain has turned so common and serious that now a days, the condition has also been given a special name called the, “Hip pocket syndrome or the wallet neuropathy.” As discussed above back pain due to wallet is caused with the compression of the sciatic nerve, there are major chances that the pain turns to sciatica and lead to heavy sciatic pain. Apart from the sciatic nerve, there are chances you can irritate the piriformis muscle lying near your gluteus, which may lead to lower back pain or sciatic pain. Also keep a note, such a condition caused due to thick wallet on the back pocket can also make the pain go worst to the life.

How To Avoid The Back Pain Caused Due To Wallet?

“Fix your wallet right; fix the back pain right!” As one of the most common cause of back pain is the thick wallet you carry on your back pocket while driving or sitting for long; there is a crucial way you can get rid of such pain by fixing the wallet on the right position.

  • Keep your wallet in the front or side pocket and try to empty the back pocket or keep the back free for a comfortable sitting posture.
  • In case you carry wallet on the back pocket, make sure not to sit long with it which may lead to the back pain.
  • Keep your wallet thin and light weighted. You can do this by keeping only things of highest priority on it, instead of packing all the business cards, credit or debit cards and making it huge enough to create a bump on your back.
  • Buy a super skinny instead of the typical heavy and thick ones. The super skinny wallet is made especially with the hinges to bend down and reducing the pressure on your spine or lowering the discomfort on the back.

Some Other Common Ways To Prevent Self From The Back Pain

There are many precautions you can take so as to avoid or reduce the chances of back pain. Look below for the list of steps you can follow.

  • Try to keep a proper posture while sitting.
  • Make sure you are aware of the proper sleeping position which may help you prevent the growth of back pain or reduce the symptoms. Do not sleep on your stomach and entertain sleeping on your sides or your back which is good for your back.
  • Do not stand for long which may lead to back pain.
  • Go for regular exercises and keep your muscles and joints strong enough to prevent self from the back pain to a major extent.
  • “2 minutes after sleep can help you greatly!” Do not just rush to come off the bed soon you get up in the morning. Take 2 minutes to stretch your nerves, muscles and the body; relax yourself and then start the day!
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects. In case there is a mandatory requirement then be sure you are lifting the object keeping a right posture, without bending your back in a odd position that may cause back pain.
  • Keep a check on your growing weight which may cause back pain.
  • Finally arises the same point about avoiding thick wallet at the back pocket.

“Carry comfort at your back, not the bump gifted from your wallet!”

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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