Why Do I Have So Much Trouble Falling Asleep & Home Remedies to Help You Sleep Better

Are you bothered by lack of sleep at night? If you have much trouble falling asleep, some home remedies can be of great help to you. While there are medicines that can put you to sleep, most of those may give you a temporary relief and are best taken only with medical advice. Home remedies for sleeplessness can help you naturally and mostly will not cause any harm.

Why Do I Have So Much Trouble Falling Asleep?

Why Do I Have So Much Trouble Falling Asleep?

A common question encountered by most people facing sleep problems, is that what makes me feel sleepless? Why do I have so much trouble falling asleep? Well, while there are various reasons why your sleep may be affected, it is also important to understand the common factors that influence sleep.

There are number of factors which contribute to having so much trouble falling asleep which include:

  • Hyperactive lifestyle, doing too much of work or study, work stress, thinking about the worries till sleeping time, etc.
  • Use of technology like playing video games of tablets or computers for long time or listening to music, using mobile phones, watching late night television, etc.
  • Self-medication, effect of other medicines or consumption of certain stimulants like caffeinated drinks, alcohol, etc.
  • Irritability, anxiety, trauma emotional imbalances or some medical conditions can have an impact on your sleep.
  • Pain, chronic body pain, restless leg syndrome, gastric upset or any other complaints which bothers you physically at night.

Usually doctors prescribe medicines which directly affect the hormone system. Thriving long on medicine can give rise to varying other health issues, hence home remedies are better. Here are few home remedies which are known to boost sleep.

Home Remedies to Help You Sleep Better

Home remedies can prove to be useful for you, if you have much trouble falling asleep. Simple measures and simple home remedies can be tried at home to help you sleep better, however, if there is an underlying health problem or other concerns, it is advisable to seek medical opinion.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium are not only important for health but they are essential to get good sleep as well. It can be an effective home remedy to help you sleep better. You can consume foods rich in these nutrients and also consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements, if appropriate.

Wild Lettuce

If you have much trouble falling asleep, wild lettuce may stand in help. When you experience headaches, joint pains, anxiety or trauma, wild lettuce is a big relief. The ingredients present in wild lettuce go a long way in calming down restlessness and anxiety. You can consume wild lettuce before going to bed as it helps you to sleep better.


Those who have trouble falling asleep may try out hops, as it is one of the best home remedies for sleeplessness. Hops are the female flowers which are known to play a vital role in preparing beer. Those who are suffering from sleeplessness may go for hops which carries mild sedative for relieving insomnia and anxiety. It can be tried out but not more than 120 milligrams before sleeping.


When it comes to aromatherapy the name that comes on top of the list is Lavender. Researches and reports show that this agent comes with wonderful calming effect and is effective in helping you sleep better. If you have so much trouble falling asleep, this home remedy is one of the inexpensive ways to enjoy rest and relaxation without being toxic. There are sprays available, which can be sprayed on the pillow and its soothing fragrance induces sleep. Aromatherapy also offers other soothing and calming essential oils and can be taken in the form of infusions, body lotions or during night time baths to induce good sleep.


Now among all other hormones that control sleep there is Melatonin. So if this hormone can be maneuvered, you can definitely be able to sleep well, however higher doses are best avoided, as per the experts. When too much melatonin is consumed it may create anxiety and depression. Cherry juice tops the list of foods rich in melatonin. Similarly, bananas are rich in tryptophan, which is converted into melatonin. Also the potassium and magnesium content in it makes it a great home remedy to help you sleep better. Bananas also work as great muscle relaxants and can help to reduce body pain, offer relaxation and thus inducing better sleep.

Exercise and Relaxation

Exercises are the best home remedies that can help you keep fresh and energetic all day long, which can eventually improve sleep at night. This will work your body muscles and an active day will help you to sleep at night. Good work-outs must be done during the day and avoid exercises in late evenings. Instead relaxation techniques, breathing exercises can be done late evening or even at night. If you have so much trouble falling asleep, follow an exercise schedule that begins early in the morning and end your day with proper relaxation for the body and the mind.

Lemon Balm

Balms are helpful when one is having headache or when one is having cold. But lemon balm is an effective home remedy if you have so much trouble falling asleep. Lemon balm is known to lift mood and promote calmness, thus relaxing the body and the mind. Lemon balm is said to have a sedative effect, which can fight anxiety and is effective in helping you sleep better.


This is an effective amino acid that helps in maintaining mental alertness but when it comes to sleep, this ingredient is known to offer deeper sleep. While the most popular home remedy green tea is rich in L-theanine, drinking green tea may cause frequent urination in some. You can also choose Suntheanine or pure L-theanine, which can be taken around 50 to 200 mg before going to bed.


Valerian is one of the most effective home remedy if you have much trouble falling asleep. Number of researches and reports have confirmed that regular consumption of valerian can help to induce sleep and improve the sleep quality.

Treating Gastric and Other Medical Problems

It often happens that due to gas problem or acidity it takes time to fall asleep. If you are bothered by bloating, indigestion or other gastric problems, it is important to treat those. Home remedies that improve digestion can be tried or medical advice can be sought. Similarly, if other medical conditions are a cause of your sleeplessness, they should be treated at once.

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