How Should I Sleep With Lower Back Pain?

Lower back is medically known as “lumbar spine” which provides strength and flexibility to the human body. It is the most vulnerable region consists of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles. Any inflammation at this region can leads to severe pain. Muscle sprain can happen suddenly or can develop slowly overtime from repetitive movements. Lower back pain is considered to be one of the most common complaints that bring a patient to a pain specialist. It is particularly common for women because of pregnancy. The treatment for low back pain is depending on the diagnosis and specific cause. In case acute lumbar strain, use of a home remedy initially can be beneficial.

How Should I Sleep With Lower Back Pain?

How Should I Sleep With Lower Back Pain?

Left-Side Sleeping

Sleep and duration of the sleep are very essential for mental and physical well being. Today, it turns out to be an important quest for patients who are all suffering from low back pain. There is a lot of postures helpful for patients who suffer from chronic back pain, above all, switching to left-side sleeping. This is because sleeping it can relieve pressure on the spine and more comfortable, which will improve the duration of sleep better. Experts believe sleeping on the left side with a pillow between knees makes the hips, pelvis, and spine in better alignment.

Sleeping In The Fetal Position

Herniated disk is a condition also known as a slipped disk, ruptured disc, or prolapsed disc characterized by injury or weakness caused by the inner portion of the disk which protrudes through the outer ring. This causes pain and discomfort in the low back which can be overcome by sleeping on a side curled in a fetal position. It opens the space between the vertebrae, making it normal.

Sleep On Your Stomach

Sleeping on stomach is actually bad for health, but in case lower back pain, it will relieve some of the pressure from the back. Placing a pillow under abdomen and sleeping can help the people who have degenerative disk disease. It can relieve any stress that is placed on the space between the disks. Some people benefit from sleep on the back with a pillow under the knees. It helps to get better alignment of the spine and internal organs.

Sleep In A Reclined Position

Sleeping in a chair may not be the best choice for back pain, but the reclined position can be beneficial in case of isthmic spondylolisthesis. It is a lumbar spinal condition in which a fracture of the isthmus causes one vertebral body to slip forward on top of the vertebral body below it. Reclining creates an angle between thighs and trunk which assist to reduce the pressure on the spine.

Generally, clinical experts recommend an orthopedic mattress which can combat the problems associated with low back pain and supports the overall body. But still today, low back pain with sleep disturbance is poorly understood. Proper diagnosis is required for appropriate intervention to provide optimal benefits. Sleep schedule, avoiding caffeinated drinks like coffee and other stimulants before sleep hours, and dodging vigorous exercise in the late hours are helpful for sleep and improves the duration.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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