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Is Neck Pain Common Or Rare & How To Prevent It?

How Common Is Neck Pain Or Is It A Rare Occurrence?

Neck pain is quite a common complaint and many people are affected by it. It is not a rare occurrence. The reasons can vary from very mild ones to the most serious ones. Neck pain usually occurs as an independent condition or may be caused due to some other condition. However, neck pain can be treated and if the cause of the neck pain is uprooted, it may even be cured.

Is Neck Pain Common Or Rare & How To Prevent It?

Neck performs the job of supporting the weight of your head. It is flexible. At times, it may be susceptible to getting injured or conditions that can cause pain. The pain may sometimes be so worse that it might restrict your motion. The causes of neck pain may include-

Strain On The Muscles-

  • Overworking your muscles, as in working long hours hunched or bent on your computer or workstation, smartphone, etc. can overwork your neck muscles and may cause muscle strain
  • Small things like reading while lying down can cause a strain on the neck muscles(1)

Joint Wear And Tear-

  • Aging process may cause your neck joints to wear down. The cartilage between the bones or vertebrae start to deteriorate
  • As a consequence, the body makes bone spurs that cause trouble in moving the joints and lead to pain(1)

Compressed Nerves-

  • Conditions like bone spurs in the vertebrae of the neck can cause unwanted pressure on the nerves that emerge from the spinal cord
  • These compressed nerves can lead to severe pain in the neck(1)

Hurting Your Neck-

  • If there is a whiplash injury, like when the head jerks backward and then forward abruptly, it can strain the soft tissues present in the neck
  • Such injuries usually happen when there is an auto collision(1)

Diseases And Conditions-

Some conditions and diseases like arthritis, meningitis, cancer, etc. can be responsible for causing neck pain(1)

Symptoms Of Neck Pain

  • The neck pain is usually increased when the head is kept in one position for long stretches of time
  • Example – driving or working on the computer
  • There may be spasms in neck muscles or muscle tightness
  • Inability to move your head due to pain or stiffness
  • There may be a headache(1)

How To Prevent Neck Pain?

Usually, neck pain is a result of poor posture in everyday life and the process of aging. In order to prevent neck pain, the head should be kept so that the ears are exactly above the shoulders. Some simple lifestyle and routine changes can go a long way in preventing neck pain-

Good Posture-

  • When sitting and standing, doing any work make sure to keep a good posture
  • Keep your ears directly above your shoulders in a straight line(1)

Take Breaks-

Taking frequent breaks from your usual work like driving, working on a computer, etc. will help you alleviate constant strain on your neck muscles and the muscles will get the much -needed rest(1)

Workstation Adjustments-

  • Adjust the chair, desk or computer in such a way that you don’t have to bend or hunch while doing your work
  • While working on a computer, make sure the monitor is at your eye level and you don’t have to look down to see the monitor(1)


Using headphones while talking on the phone will prevent you from tilting your head at one side and causing strain on that side(1)

Carry Even Weight-

  • Avoid carrying unevenly distributed weight on back and shoulders
  • It may cause an imbalance in muscles and lead to neck pain(1)

Sleeping Position-

  • Ensure that you sleep in a good position through the night
  • An improper or an uncomfortable sleeping position can cause more strain on your neck muscles instead of relaxing you(1)


Neck pain is not a rare occurrence and is quite a commonly found problem.


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