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How Is The Face Roller Used & What are its Health Benefits?

Face roller is often seen present in the makeup desk of many. This little gadget, which is commonly made from jade and rose quartz looks small but bears major skin benefits.

How Is The Face Roller Used?

How Is The Face Roller Used?

Face roller can be used by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Generously apply oil or moisturizer on the face and neck. Lack of moisturization might make the tool pull or tug on the skin which might contribute to wrinkling.
  • Start the face roller with the neck and for the best results roll it up not back and forth.
  • From the jawline roll the face roller to the ear on both sides, applying gentle pressure.
  • Similarly, face roller can be moved from the jawline to the cheekbone.
  • Roll the face roller from the forehead towards the temples in an upward direction.
  • Roll it on the eyebrows horizontally, which might feel relieving for those suffering from a headache.
  • Face exercises, face yoga, and facial massage also do the work of face roller.

Types of Face Rollers

There are different types of face rollers and it can actually become difficult to choose from. Jade is the most common stone found in the face rollers.

Other Types Of Face Rollers Are:

  • Obsidian roller
  • Metal roller
  • Amethyst roller
  • Rose quartz roller
  • Jade and metal are cold materials and need not be stored in the refrigerator to give a cooling sensation to the skin. It is softer than rose quartz.
  • Rose quartz is capable of holding a warm and cold temperature for a long period. Cool roller quartz rollers can be used for a minute or two. It can last longer than the jade roller.
  • Amethyst roller helps purify the skin and may help in treating acne.

Benefits of Face Roller

Act of massaging the face has numerous benefits. It reduces stress and releases tension.

The benefits of face roller are:

  1. Improves Blood Circulation: Using face roller stimulates blood flow to the face.(1) This can make the skin look brighter and firmer.
  2. Helps Stuffy Nose: Face rollers help clear sinuses(2)
  3. Decrease Puffiness: Face rollers help stimulate lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness.
  4. Cools and Soothes Skin: Cool stones like jade can naturally cool the skin on contact. Other rollers can be cooled in the refrigerator and used. It helps tighten the pores.
  5. Distributes Other Skin Products: Rollers can be used with pills and other creams to spread them across the skin. This can help deliver products deeper in the skin.
  6. Improves Mood: Face roller massages the face and relaxes the body, thus reducing anxiety and improving mood(3)
  7. Flushes Toxins From The Body: Face roller stimulates lymphatic drainage and anything that stimulates lymphatic drainage help in flushing out toxins from the body(4)
  8. Contours the Face: Face roller can help drain fluid from the face and contour it temporarily. It can be done by moving the roller up at an angle and then push it downward by the ear. This drains excess fluid to the lymph nodes.

Face roller can be used on the face every day. Even used for few minutes it can give a soothing and de-puffing benefit.

A study showed that using face roller for just 15 minutes helped in improving the blood flow to the cheeks(5)

Face roller not only massages the face but also provides various benefits to the skin. Make sure you used them hygienically i.e. keep them clean after using.

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