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What Are The Ways To Prevent Progressive Supranuclear Palsy & Does It Reoccur?

Progressive supranuclear palsy is a complex health condition, which affects the human brain. Here, progressive refers to the symptoms of the condition, which consistently become worse with time. Supranuclear implies the brain region that gets affected by the disorder i.e. nuclei or small areas. Palsy refers to the disorder that leads to muscle weakness.(1)

PSP symptoms often start from 50years to 60years age and it is common among men as compared to women. The initial symptoms of the problem appear similar to Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, doctors have to conduct certain tests to avoid misdiagnose with the mentioned problems.(2)

In most of the cases, progressive supranuclear palsy is of sporadic. A few of the cases run in family members. The genetic cause in most of the cases is unknown but some take place because of variations or mutations in MAPT genes.(3)

PSP mainly develops due to brain cell deterioration in small areas belonging to the base region of the human brain. Substantia nigra is the most affected brain area, while leads to the visibility of multiple palsy symptoms.(4)

What Are The Ways To Prevent Progressive Supranuclear Palsy?

If you are a patient of progressive supranuclear palsy, you have to take certain steps to prevent its long-term effects and further complications. These are as follows-

  • You should strictly avoid climbing stairs at your home.
  • Use certain eye drops for at least 4 to 5times in one day to avoid drying of eyes, which takes place because of persistent tearing and blinking.
  • Install certain grab bars in your bathrooms and hallways to avoid the incident of falls.
  • Always make sure to use weighted walkers to avoid falling in the backward direction.
  • Remove all sorts of small items, including small area rugs, which you may see with difficulty without looking towards downward.

The condition of progressive supranuclear palsy leads to special problems, as it causes changes in the brain, which forces you to feel anxious, makes you cry or laugh without any reason. PSP may even result in a huge frustration, as it makes your eating, talking, and walking difficult. If you want to manage your stress related to living with PSP, you have to look for certain suggestions, which include-

  • Always maintain a strong system of support consisting of your family members and friends.
  • Approach a suitable support group to get help not only for you but also for the other members of your family.
  • You should share your concerns and feelings about living with your PSP condition and discuss it with your doctor or counselor.(4)

Does Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Reoccur?

Progressive supranuclear palsy disease and its symptoms become worse progressively. Accordingly, people reach the severe level of disability within only three years to five years of its onset. In some cases, PSP symptoms relapse after some time and thereby, make affected people predispose towards many severe complications.

These are choking, pneumonia, fractures, and head injuries. Pneumonia is the prime cause of death among PSP patients. In this situation, individuals suffering from PSP require proper medical treatment and meet the necessary nutritional needs to live at least one decade after the triggering of first stage symptoms related to the disease.(5)


There are various ways to prevent the complications or long-term effects of Progressive supranuclear palsy condition. On the other side, in some cases, PSP and its symptoms progress to make the condition worse. Moreover, PSP may occur again with various severe complications.


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