Causes of Sore Throat in Infants & Natural Remedies to Get Rid of it

Infancy is a delicate stage of life and infants are often vulnerable to a wide range of minor health problems and infections. The use of strong drugs and medications is mostly limited in regards to infants and toddlers. For a common ailment like sore throat in infants; doctors often wait for the symptoms to pass in a reasonable amount of time before prescribing any kind of medication. While this is the best course of action; the healing period is uncomfortable for both the infant and the parents and under such circumstances, natural remedies could be of great help. Listed below are some effective natural remedies and pointers to keep in mind the next time your baby is afflicted by a sore throat.

Causes of Sore Throat in Infants

Causes of Sore Throat in Infants

Sore throat in infants is caused by a number of factors. The most common cause is a cold or a flu virus. Other factors may be measles, chicken pox or croup. Environmental irritants can also cause a sore throat in infants and some of these are second-hand cigarette smoke, dust and dander and even dog or cat fur from pets in the home. Environmental irritants such as the ones mentioned above bring on symptoms similar to a common cold often accompanied by a sore throat which is known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Though rare, infants could also be infected by streptococcus, which is commonly known as strep. Any sore throat that persists for more than a few days is best looked at by a pediatrician; however, you can also take certain measures to decrease the discomfort being borne by your infant. Read further to know more about simple natural remedies you can use to relieve your baby from the discomfort associated with a sore throat while you wait for the symptoms to pass.

Natural Remedies to get Rid of Sore Throat in Infants

Adults have access to a wide range of natural remedies for a sore throat, but many of those don’t hold up for babies or infants and can often cause a negative reaction. If you are waiting for the symptoms of a sore throat to pass as advised by a pediatrician; you can take a few simple measures to alleviate your infant’s suffering. Some of them are as detailed below:

Opt for a Humidifier to Relieve Sore Throat in Infants

Extremely dry conditions could very well cause sore throat in infants, especially during the winter months. If you are looking to provide relief for your infant under such circumstances; running a humidifier in your nursery could certainly help and is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of sore throat in infants. Adding a few drops of essential oils such as sage, eucalyptus or thyme to your humidifier could help disperse the healing properties of these oils in the air and in turn bring relief to the sore throat of your infant.


Cooling the back of the throat could provide much relief to an infant suffering from a sore throat. One way to do is to allow the infant to suckle on a frozen washcloth or a popsicle made from frozen infant milk formula. This natural remedy is sure to cool the back of the throat; bringing almost instant relief to your suffering baby.

Hydration Can Help Get Rid of Sore Throat in Infants

A dry throat is sufficiently relieved by fluids; hence, it is important to keep an infant suffering from a sore throat well hydrated. Allowing your baby ready access to as much as breast milk or infant milk formula that he or she wants will largely reduce the itching and discomfort at the back of your infant’s throat. This remedy is the most natural way to alleviate the discomfort being borne by your infant plus breast milk has immune strengthening properties that will help your baby fight the cold or flu that is causing the sore throat.

What to Avoid for Sore Throat in Infants?

Honey and Other Ingestible Remedies Can Be Toxic for Infants and Babies

While adults can freely ingest honey to get relief from a sore throat; honey can be toxic for babies. One year olds and below are susceptible to botulism in the intestinal tract caused by consumption of honey. Likewise many other natural remedies that need to be ingested for relief from a sore throat may have adverse impacts on your infant’s immediate wellbeing so it’s best to stick to home remedies that do not require your baby to ingest plants, herbs, oils and other extracts. Over the counter cold and sore throat medication is also unadvisable without consulting a doctor first and even if your doctor does prescribe medications; they are bound to be infant specific.


In conclusion; most symptoms of sore throat caused by cold and flu in infants pass within a week or ten days. During this time; your doctor might prohibit medication of any kind and your baby is best served by the natural remedies detailed above. Ingestion of plants, herbs, essential oils and extracts that may work for adult humans are strictly prohibited when it comes to babies; and it is important to let relief come naturally for your infant.

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