Fitness In Diabetics: Benefits of Exercise in Diabetics & Exercise Options

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where there is defect in insulin production or insulin action or both. Diabetic people need to keep fit to prevent further complications and maintain their sugar levels at an optimal range.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercise In Diabetics?

Exercise has numerous benefits in diabetics, namely:

  • A fitness routine in diabetics helps in lowering of blood glucose levels.
  • Improved insulin absorption occurs as a result of exercise in diabetics.
  • A fitness routine in diabetics helps in reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Increasing good cholesterol levels is a benefit from exercise in diabetics.
  • Decreasing bad cholesterol levels is a benefit from exercise routine in diabetics.
  • A fitness routine in diabetics helps in lowering stress levels.
  • Strengthening muscles and bones of the body.

What are the Options of Exercises for Fitness in Diabetics?

There are numerous exercise options to maintain fitness in diabetics, namely:

Walking for Fitness in Diabetics: Walking is the best exercise for diabetic patients. Brisk walking for at least half an hour a day for 5 days helps in improving blood circulation and improving fitness levels in diabetics. It is good if the diabetes patient can walk more than half an hour per day.

Tai Chi for Fitness in Diabetics: Tai Chi is an excellent choice of exercise for diabetics, as it involves a series of movements done in a slow and relaxed manner for 30 minutes which results in improved fitness in diabetes patients.

Diabetics can get Fit with Weight Training: Strength training or weight training helps in building muscle mass, and helps mainly those with type 2 diabetes. Plan this exercise at least twice a week for improved fitness in diabetes.

Get Fit with Yoga in Diabetes: Yoga helps in lowering body fat, improves nerve function, and helps in fighting insulin resistance. Yoga is also beneficial in improving fitness in diabetics.

Swimming for Fitness in Diabetics: Swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise, which does not put pressure on the joints and is a great exercise for diabetic who are looking for increased level of fitness. Special footwear can be used for swimming to prevent scraped feet and injuries for diabetics.

Fitness in Diabetics with Stationary Bicycling: Stationary bicycling makes the heart stronger and improves lung function. Stationary bicycling exercise can be performed indoors and at any time of the day and is great for getting fit when suffering from diabetes.

What are the Precautions to be taken when Following Fitness Routine in Diabetics?

The precautions to be taken when following a fitness routine in diabetics are:

  • The exercise should not be performed if the diabetes patient is suffering from very high blood sugar or very low blood sugar levels.
  • Exercise should be stopped immediately if hypoglycemia symptoms are seen during workouts.
  • The injection sites of insulin must be away from the site of the muscles used for exercise to prevent hypoglycemia.
  • Plenty of water to be consumed during exercises to avoid dehydration in diabetics.
  • The blood glucose levels need to be monitored before, during and post exercise in diabetics.
  • The exercises should be done at a slow pace first then slowly increase the intensity.

The doctor should be consulted before starting any exercise regimen and keep the physician posted of the exercise routine so as to prevent adverse events in diabetics.

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