Is Ice Cream Good for Diabetics

Many of us think that if we have diabetes, we should stop the intake of anything that is sweet, which is not necessarily a case. Carbohydrate is known to increase the sugar level in blood but is not restricted in a diabetic diet. Some amounts of carbs are necessary to keep the blood sugar level in range. Eating the right food with proper planning on the carbohydrate intake is what is required to maintain the sugar levels.

Ice creams do contain carbohydrates, and their intake can cause the blood sugar level to increase but would never cause the spike in the levels. Diabetics can have ice cream if they control on the other carbohydrate intake for the rest of the day.

What Should The Diabetics Know When Choosing An Ice Cream?

Ice creams are available in a variety of brands, flavors and also vary in the nutritional status. If diabetic, it is very necessary to know about the carbohydrate level and the nutritional count. As a diabetic, you can look for the following types, which would not affect the health negatively.

Low Sugar Ice Creams

The best ice cream for a diabetic is one with low sugar content. Never go ahead with the one with is loaded with artificial sweeteners, as they add high sugar per serving.

A good ice cream option for a diabetic is the one with carbohydrate reading of below 20 gram in half a serving.

Fat And Protein Level

The fat and protein level directly influence how the sugar is absorbed in the bloodstream. A high-fat ice cream leads to a slower absorption of the sugar as compared to the low-fat ones. A diabetic, therefore, needs to check the label, for low-fat level before giving a nod to purchase it.

Confusing Labels

Many brands just as a part of promotion, tag their product to be low on sugar or calories. Never go by the leading tag, always read the nutritional status. The tag might convey just a comparison with the other brand, whereas for you it might still be on a higher sugar level.

Is Ice Cream Good for Diabetics

Is Ice Cream Good For A Diabetic?

Because of the sugar content, a diabetic cannot eat a wholesome serving of ice cream, but yes it is fine if they consume ice cream in moderation and substitute them for other carbohydrates in the meal plan.

  • Diabetics should always pay attention to the serving size of ice cream.
  • Go for low-fat and low sugar ice cream options. Some low fat options also are high on sugar, so always check the nutritional status on the packing.
  • Diabetics must check the blood sugar level after eating ice cream.

Ice cream with diabetes needs just one consideration that the carbohydrate intake should be checked on. According to your meal plan if there is space for the ice cream calories count to fit in, and then you can enjoy that amount to the fullest. If you have had a bowl of this sweet dessert, then try to make an adjustment with the other options in your meal.

It is just a matter of few diet alterations in diabetics, and they can enjoy their ice cream craving. Everybody loves this sweet frozen dessert. Why keep them away from it, when their health can be managed even by eating it.

Ice creams are not bad for diabetics!!!

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