5 Fruits Not to Eat if You Plan to Lose Weight

Many of you would be confused because several articles and studies claim that fruits are the best food options to stay healthy and fit. But to be more precise about fruits and health you need to gain some more information regarding several fruits and their health advantages as well as disadvantages. These days almost everyone wants to lose weight to stay fit and look slimmer. Losing weight and foods related to weight loss is always a confusing subject because many people believe eating one banana can help in losing weight and some believe banana causes weight gain. Hence to clear the air, here is the list of 5 fruits that you should not eat in excess if you plan to lose weight.

5 Fruits Not to Eat if You Plan to Lose Weight

5 Fruits Not to Eat if You Plan to Lose Weight

  1. Banana

    Banana is one such fruit which you should not eat in excess if you plan to lose weight. Well, to be honest one banana fruit a day can never cause weight gain but if you skip all your meals and just start consuming bananas all day then you will surely gain weight. One banana has 150 calories which is 37.5 gm of carbohydrates. That means if you eat 5-6 bananas a day you will consume 225 gm of carbohydrates which is enough to start gaining weight. But a single banana has weight loss properties too as they have low glycemic index which help in losing weight. Moreover, banana is rich in fibre, vitamin and minerals that control your increased blood sugar levels by keeping your weight in check.

  2. Mango

    Tropical fruits such as mangoes, pineapples can have some hidden calories that could hinder your plan to lose weight, especially when consumed in excess. 100 gm of mangoes and pineapples have 60 and 50 calories respectively which can also cause weight gain. Mangoes and pineapples have several soluble and insoluble fibres that also cause obesity. Mangoes contain 14 gm of sugar and ripe pineapples contain 10 gm of sugar.

  3. Grapes

    Grapes are good fruit choice for promoting overall health but they have no such magical effects on your weight loss resolution. 100 gm of grapes contain 67 calories and 16 gm of sugar which means regular intake or excess intake of grapes can surely cause weight gain and should be avoided if you plan to lose weight. This is the reason why wine cause obesity. Wines are made of grape extracts adding alcohol that have a decent amount of calories. To be precise one glass of red wine has 160 calories which promote weight gain significantly.

  4. Dry Fruits

    Dry fruits have more calories as they are void of water content. Health experts claim one gram of raisins contains more calories as compared to grapes. One cup of dried raisins contains 500 calories and one cup of dried prunes contain 447 calories which are enough to make you gain weight up to 2 kilos in just a week if consumed regularly. One cup of dried dates contains 227 calories and 75 gm of carbohydrates that are enough to ruin your plans to lose weight by adding some more pounds.

  5. Avocado

    No fruits can cause weight gain unless you consume more calories a day and burn less calories than you eat. One gm of avocado purely contains 384 calories and 23 gm of fat and should be avoided if you plan to lose weight. Avocados are high in healthy fats and calories that can make you fat if consumed too much, however eating one avocado a day won’t wreck your shape neither your health.

    Health experts have to say that fruits are always good for health and even promote weight loss if consumed in moderate amount. Fruits also contain calories, fats and carbohydrates and excess intake of fruits can also make you fat. It is always advisable to add a moderate amount of fruits to your diet a day so that you derive the health benefits of that fruit which is the only effective mantra for staying healthy and losing weight.