Healthy Seeds to Eat: 10 Seeds to Include in the Diet For Good Health

Fruits, veggies, fish, lean meat, whole wheat, brown rice are some foods that are super essential for a good and ailment free health as the essential nutrients that are required for our body are present in all these smart foods. However, there are some other smart food options that can also meet your nutrient requirements especially as healthy and playful snacks. Seeds are often consumed as food dressings and toppings for a nice attractive look to allure foodies but these seeds are super healthy and are loaded with all nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. Due to all these healthy benefits, seeds should be included in your diet for maintaining a good health.

Seeds are highly nutritious and beneficial to incorporate into your regular meal. Looking at a tiny seed, it is hard to imagine such tiny packets are loaded with miraculous health benefits. Eating these healthy seeds can help prevent cancer, arthritis, heart attacks, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol issues. Let’s have a brief look on the seeds that are good and beneficial for your healthful lifestyle.

Healthy Seeds to Eat: 10 Seeds to Include in the Diet For Good Health

  1. Flax Seeds

    Flax Seeds are healthy seeds to eat. These super tiny seeds are loaded in Omega 3 Fatty acids that are the healthy fats and also rich in healthy fibre. Flax seeds have a decent amount of aloha linolenic acid and researchers discovered that flax seeds must be included to regular diet and consumed as whole seeds to get the maximum benefits. Eating one ounce of ground flax seeds regularly for six months can lower increased blood pressure. Moreover, flax seeds have anti-inflammatory properties making it a healthy seed to eat and included in the diet for good health.

  2. Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds are also called as pepitas, and are rich source of iron, zinc, protein, fibre, vitamin E and phenolic acids, making it a healthy seed to eat. One cup of pumpkin seeds 588 mg of potassium and these seeds have a light flavour which makes these seeds a great snack option for vegans and vegetarians. Including pumpkin seeds to regular diet as salads and whole grain meals can be beneficial for maintaining good health.

  3. Hemp Seeds

    Hemp seeds are rich in all essential amino acids and are loaded in fibre as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds have a great nutty taste and flavour. Hemp seeds are the natural protein boosters making it a healthy seed to eat and are best option for people who love workouts. Hemp seeds can be included in regular diet especially in breakfast for their maximum health benefits.

  4. Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are known as super smart foods as they are rich in all essential nutrients such as fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Add this healthy seed to your smoothies, pancakes, salads or even oatmeal to enjoy their great taste as well as benefits. Chia seeds are also loaded in iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and antioxidants. Healthy Chia seeds should be included to regular diet for good health as it has polyunsaturated fatty acids that reduce inflammation in body, enhance cognitive performance of the brain and balances cholesterol levels.

  5. Sunflower Seeds

    These super tasty seeds have high amount of fibre, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium and copper making it a healthy seed to eat. Sunflower seeds are the best option for healthy snacks and can be consumed in salads, hot cereal, energy bar, or granola. But it’s important to include these seeds in your daily diet to keep diseases at bay.

  6. Sesame Seeds

    Those tiny seeds on your burger buns are highly nutritious and must be included in your daily diet as a primary food option for good health. One must eat sesame seeds as they have essential minerals such as manganese, copper, potassium and calcium. Some special compounds such as sesamin, sesamolin are present in sesame seeds that are known for lowering increased cholesterol levels.

  7. Grape Seeds

    You are never gonna throw those grape seeds after eating the grape pulps after knowing some amazing facts about grape seeds. Grape seeds are loaded in flavonoids, linoleic acid, vitamin E and polyohenols. Grape seeds are healthy seeds to eat and should also be included to your regular diet for good health as they prevent heart diseases, control blood pressure and cholesterol.

  8. Poppy Seeds

    Poppy seeds are not only the great supporters of bakery and confectionary foods but also a healthy food option to include in your diet as they are rich in iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, folate and niacin. However to be honest these seeds have a very little amount of morphine and codeine. Poppy seeds can be consumed in bagels, rolls, pancakes, muffins etc.

  9. Cumin Seeds

    Cumin seeds have several health and medicinal benefits making it a healthy seed to eat. Cumin seeds have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. These seeds are rich in iron and enhance the power of your liver to function actively. Cumin seeds must be included in your daily diet bas they generate heat in the body which makes them a best medicine for treating cough and cold. Cumin seeds improve immunity and keep kidney as well as liver healthy and functions smooth.

  10. Mustard Seeds

    Another seed option for great health is mustard seed. Mustard seeds are rich source of essential minerals, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids. Mustard seeds are great remedy for digestion ailments. Mustard seeds keep heart and blood healthy and balance cholesterol levels too. Mustard seeds can be included in daily diet as spouts or tempering while cooking.

    Seeds are the best source of overall nutrients and should be included in your diet for better health. These healthy seeds can be eaten by way of adding it to your salads, cakes, pancakes, morning oat meal to get the maximum health benefits. You can also consume seeds as a healthy snack option over fatty and calorie loaded cokes and burgers. Adding seeds to salads and soups are the best way to consume seeds regularly to cut off the boring and mundane taste of the mini marvels.

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