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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi

Cardamom or Elaichi is a spice that has been in use for centuries in both cooking as well as medicine. It comes from seeds of different plants that belong to the same family as ginger.

Cardamom is known for its impressive medicinal properties and has been in use in traditional medicine for centuries(1)

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi

The health benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi are as follows.

Benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi in Lowering Blood Pressure

Cardamom is known for its antioxidant and anti-diuretic properties.

A study done on people newly diagnosed with high blood pressure, who were given three grams of cardamom powder, showed an improvement. The level was found to decrease to normal range(2)

The result is related to the high antioxidant level which has been linked with lowering the blood pressure(3)

The diuretic effect of cardamom can also be a factor in lowering blood pressure.

A study showed cardamom extract lowered the blood pressure in rats.(4)

Cardamom is Beneficial in Fighting Cancer Cells

Cardamom or Elaichi helps to fight cancer cells. A study done on mice showed that cardamom powder increased the activity of enzymes that help fight cancer.(5,6)

The spice is also known to enhance the ability of natural killer cells that attacks tumor.(7)

A test-tube study done on oral cancer cells showed that a certain compound in the spice stopped the multiplication of the cancer cells.(8)

Protects From Chronic Diseases

Cardamom or Elaichi contains compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties that may help fight inflammation.

Also, the antioxidants present in cardamom stops inflammation and protect the cells from damaging.(9)

A study done on rats found that 50-100 mg dose of cardamom extract was effective in inhibiting different inflammatory compounds.(10)

Digestive Health Benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi

Cardamom has been used since long to help with digestive issues. It is often mixed with other spices to relieve discomfort, nausea, and vomiting.

A study showed the effectiveness of cardamom along with turmeric and sembung leaf, in developing fewer ulcers in rats exposed to aspirin.(11)

A test tube research also showed cardamom being effective against H.pylori bacteria that is linked with most of the stomach ulcer issues.(12)

Cardamom Helps in Preventing Bad Breath and Cavities

Cardamom’s use for preventing bad breath has been known for long. It freshens-up the breath if eaten after a meal.

The ability of cardamom to fight the common mouth bacteria is the reason behind it leaving a minty fresh breath.(13)

A study also found cardamom or Elaichi to be effective in fighting 5 dental cavity-causing bacteria.(14)

Benefits of Cardamom in Treating Infections

The antibacterial property of cardamom or Elaichi helps in treating a variety of infections.

Research shows that cardamom has compounds that fight several common bacterial strains.(15,16)

A study found it effective against the drug-resistant strains of Candida, yeast known to cause fungal infection.(17) It also fights salmonella bacteria that lead to food poisoning and campylobacter that lead to inflammation.(18)

Lowers Blood Sugar Level

High fat and high carb diet are known to elevate blood sugar levels. Rats on such diet, when given cardamom powder, were found that the blood sugar did not remain elevated for longer.(19)

The study was done on rats. More human studies are needed to have a better understanding of the effect.

Improves Breathing

Cardamom or Elaichi increases the airflow to the lung. Its invigorating odor increases the body’s ability to use oxygen during exercise.(20)

This also helps in treating asthma. A study done on rats found that cardamom extract relaxes the throat air passage. In humans, if it had a similar effect, it could prevent the inflamed airways from restricting and improve breathing.(21)

Protects Liver

Cardamom or Elaichi may bring elevated liver enzymes, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels to normal.

This prevents liver enlargement and reduce the risk of fatty liver disease.(22)

Cardamom is most commonly used in cooking and baking. It is often added to Indian curries and stews.

The supplement is also available but should be used under professional guidance. Its supplement might not be suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding females. Adding it to the food is the safest way to use this spice.

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