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Coffee Fruit: 3 Amazing Health Benefits of the Coffee Fruit and its Downside?

What Is The Coffee Fruit?

Coffee fruit is a stone-like fruit produced by the coffee plant. It is also known as coffee cherry or coffee berry. It is small and green in color and turns red or purple when it ripens.

Coffee fruit is uncommon when compared with coffee beans. It is derived from the same plant as coffee beans but is discarded in the coffee-making process.

However, it has emerged as a new superfood and is used for health and wellness purposes in the form of supplements, juices, and herbal teas.

What Is The Coffee Fruit?

3 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Coffee Fruit

Because of the emerging research on its potential health effects, the coffee fruit is gaining popularity as a supplement and beverage ingredient.

Rich in Antioxidants

Coffee fruit has loads of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals that can contribute to cell damage and chronic disease.(1)

Coffee fruits contain rutin and chlorogenic, protocatechuic, and gallic acid as antioxidant compounds.(2)

A study showed 800 mg of coffee fruit every day for 4 weeks improved the antioxidant status of 20 athletes.(3)

Another test-tube study showed that the extract improved the immune function and slowed down the growth of cancer cells.(4, 5)

Brain Health Benefits of Coffee Fruit

Research suggests coffee fruit can help protect brain function and slow down signs of aging.

A study on 71 adults with mild mental decline found, consuming coffee fruit for 28 days significantly reduced reaction time and improved accuracy(6)

One more study found that 100 mg of coffee fruit increased the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a protein that is essential for survival and growth of neuronal cells in the brain by 143% in just 2 hours(7, 8)

Coffee fruit can also play a role in the management and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.(9)

May Help In Weight Loss

Coffee fruit and its component may promote fat loss.

A test-tube study showed, coffee fruit promoted the breakdown of fat cells and suppressed the production of new fat cells.(10)

Being rich in cholinergic acid coffee fruit has the ability to promote weight loss and boost fat burning.(11)

More research is needed to determine the effect of coffee fruit on weight and fat loss.

Uses Of The Coffee Fruit

Coffee fruit can be found easily in health stores and pharmacies in the form of liquid, tablet, and capsules.

It is added to supplements that are meant for improving brain health and improve energy levels.

Studies suggest 100-80 mg/day of coffee fruit is safe and well-tolerated.(3)

Coffee fruit can also be found in some drinks such as juice blends and coffee cherry tea (a type of herbal tea brewed from the dried skin of coffee fruit).

It can be used in skin care products and applied to reduce inflammation and improve skin texture. The benefits of coffee fruit on skin health needs more research.

Downsides Of The Coffee Fruit

If consumed in moderation coffee fruit can be safe. Research on its long-term safety is still limited.

A few animal studies have been done and have found no side effect of coffee fruit when administered to rats, even in high doses.(12)

Coffee fruit contains caffeine and those sensitive to it should consider limiting its consumption. The caffeine amount, although, is lesser than regular coffee.(13)

Coffee fruit is a fruit of the coffee plant that is rich in antioxidants. It benefits brain function as well. Research on the health effects of coffee fruit is limited, therefore before consuming it, make sure to speak to a healthcare professional.

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