Benefits of Alfalfa for Hair

Are you aware of the wonderful benefits of Alfalfa? Is Alfalfa a part of your regular diet? This plant is known for its tremendous health benefits as well as for its skin and hair health benefits. In this article we will talk about how alfalfa is beneficial for hair. Hope this would be a beneficial read for you.

What is Alfalfa?

Alfalfa is a plant that has roots growing 20 to 30 feet in to the ground. The name Alfalfa is taken from an Arabic word which translates as “Father of plants”. It is so named because of the huge array of vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients that are present in the plant which are highly important in keeping our bodies healthy. Alfalfa as a source of protein provides vitamin A, Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K etc; along with minerals like calcium, carotene, iron, potassium, zinc etc. Alfalfa can be consumed as seeds, leaves or as supplements.

Alfalfa is known for its wonderful health benefits like their role in treating several diseases like kidney problems, auto-immune disorders, arthritis, skeletal, glandular, urinary and digestive problems, blood, liver and bowel disorders, whooping cough, reducing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients etc. However, the most known benefit of Alfalfa comes from the fact that it is very well known to be an effective treatment for hair loss. In the following arrays of our article we will read about Alfalfa for hair.

Benefits of Alfalfa for Hair

Benefits of Alfalfa for Hair:

Hair loss and hair thinning is one of the most common and frustrating problems for both, men and women. There are several reasons you lose hair which include genetics, illness, medications, hormone imbalances, diet etc. It is highly essential for each individual to get essential nutrients that are important for growth of hair. Alfalfa is one of the most beneficial plant which can be used in improving hair growth. Alfalfa sprout juice along with various other vegetable juices may be an added benefit for hair.

Alfalfa is known to be beneficial in treating and preventing hair loss. The vital components like vitamins, minerals, proteins, silica etc; present in the plant help in strengthening hair, improving hair conditions, and reducing loss of hair in various ways. Below we will talk about the various components present in Alfalfa and talk about how they are beneficial for hair health.

  1. Vitamins in Alfalfa and their Benefits in Improving Hair Health and Hair Growth:

    Alfalfa contains a high level of vitamins including vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It is known that Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 present in Alfalfa are beneficial in improving the health and growth of your hair. The vitamin C present in Alfalfa is known to be important for hair health because of the fact that it helps in improving your scalp circulation and helps with the antioxidant action in your hair follicles. Vitamin E present in Alfalfa improves oxygen uptake and this in turn helps in improving the circulation in your scalp and thus aids in improving the hair health and hair growth.

  2. Protein Content in Alfalfa is Beneficial in Improving Hair Health:

    Proteins present in Alfalfa are also known to be essential in improving hair conditions. Hair is made mostly of protein and Alfalfa is also loaded with protein. Protein encourages the growth of hair and also helps in the stimulation to the roots of the hair. It is to be noted that adding Alfalfa sprouts, seeds and grain to your diet regimen would provide a complete protein for your hair.

  3. Benefits of Minerals in Alfalfa in Stimulating Hair Growth :

    Alfalfa also contains calcium, zinc, iron etc. as the most important minerals which help in reducing and preventing hair loss. Iron is important for the growth of hair. It is known that a deficiency in iron may be linked with hair loss. Apart from this, Zinc is known to stimulate hair growth by improving your immunity.

  4. Silica Content in Alfalfa is Beneficial in Slowing Down Hair Loss and Stimulating Hair Growth:

    Silica is a valuable nutrient for the hair health which is present in Alfalfa. Silica is known to slow down the hair loss and also is known to prevent baldness. Silica may stimulate healthier hair growth and also helps in strengthening the hair. It is also possibly known to contribute to re-growth of the hair.

How to Prepare Alfalfa Juice?

You can look for the below mentioned steps so as to prepare Alfalfa sprout juice:

  • Cut off the roots of Alfalfa sprouts and remove any decaying or dead leaves and stems out of it
  • Now, place the Alfalfa sprout in a sieve with fine holes and wash them with clean and warm water
  • Then, set up the juicer and turn it on.
  • Place a handful of Alfalfa sprouts in to the feeding chute of the juicer and press the plunger down slowly but firmly until it is fully compressed.
  • Then add another bunch of alfalfa sprouts in to the feeder and continue juicing.
  • Use at least 15-20 hand-size bunches of Alfalfa sprouts to produce the juice.
  • You can combine the alfalfa juice with equal parts of lettuce and carrot juice for improving the nutrient content.


So we talked about some of the best hair health benefits of Alfalfa here. With so much of goodness you find in this plant, it is obviously a wise decision to add it in your regular diet. You can also purchase the Alfalfa supplements; but there is nothing more beneficial than using fresh Alfalfa plant.

It must be noted that in case of pregnancy, alfalfa should be avoided. It is also important for you to note that in case of severe hair loss or hair thinning, go for a diagnosis and take the prescribed treatments from the experts.

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