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Does Keto Really Work & Why Have I Stopped Losing Weight On Keto?

In recent times, fitness freaks and the weight conscious people are increasingly turning to the ketogenic diet for the purpose of losing weight. This is a form of dietary plan where carbohydrates are really limited to a negligible amount and the diet consists primarily of proteins and fats. This is a popular form of diet which, though is a rigorous pattern of eating, is quite effective in helping you to lose weight. This is one of the main reasons why keto diet, one of the prime forms of low carb diet, has become increasingly popular in the current times and is being taken up by many people across the world. Keto diets are being taken up by well-known celebrities of the tinsel town and also the common people of the world.

Does Keto Really Work?

A keto diet is a form of diet where just 5% to 10% of your diet consists of carbohydrates. Normally a person’s diet consists of 40% to 45% of carbohydrates. The huge cut down will reasonably explain the fact the dietary plan aims to deprive the body of the regular supply of carbohydrates which is easily broken down by the body for energy. In the absence of the carbohydrate supply to the body, the body starts breaking down its stored fats for fuel. This process is known as ketosis. During the span when you follow a keto diet your body produces ketones which keep the mechanism of ketosis ongoing. This is one of the most effective fat burning mechanisms that create a condition of natural fasting for the body and the body starts using its stored fats for energy and fuel. (1)

The popularity of the dietary plan and its high acceptance amongst the people of the world will explains that it does work.

Why Have I Stopped Losing Weight On Keto?

Most of the people who happen to follow this pattern of diet plan have received adequate and satisfactory results. However, there are some people who have reported that although they did get initial satisfactory results out of keto diet, soon the results started slipping. There came a point when in spite of following the keto diet they have been unable to lose any further weight. Let us take a look at the reasons why you stop losing weight in spite of following the ketogenic diet. (1, 2)

Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates are a really important part of a person’s diet. No matter which part of the world you are going to, carbohydrates like bread, rice, wheat, sugar, and potatoes are some of the elementary aspects that fill up your plate no matter which meal of the day you are sitting for. These carbohydrates are filling and easy to get in terms of prices and availability. Hence staying away from them completely (a mere 50 grams a day is as good as staying away from them) is not possible for a very long time. Hence if you are following a keto diet for very long there is every chance that you are slipping on the principle of a ‘no carb diet’. This may lead to the loss of the process of weight decline which you were experiencing earlier. (3)

Low Nutrition Food

The keto diet prescribes a diet which will be moderate in proteins and high in fats. However, this does not mean you can have any quality of fats to satiate your cravings. Processed fats like oils, butter and cheese are not recommended for this diet. Rather you can have healthy and natural fats such as fish oils, nut oils, avocado, and full dairy fats.(2) However, people often make a faulty interpretation of the guidelines of a keto diet and starts engaging in unhealthy fats. This can lead to a halt in your weight loss rate.

Too Much Calories

Even if the keto diet recommends that you can have proteins and fats for a majority of your meals, a certain portion and quantity measurement is very important. Just because one is allowed to eat proteins and fats does not mean that they can have as much as they crave. This is yet again a faulty interpretation of the guidelines of this dietary plan. Do consult a proper dietician or an expert of a ketogenic diet. He or she will provide you with the quantity you can eat for each meal of the day. Follow this pattern if you wish to lose weight on a steady scale. (4)

Unrealistic Expectations of Losing Weight While on Keto Diet

Keto diet is a truly effective way to lose weight. However, there is a certain limit and a logical process to the whole thing. Many people believe that this is a simple, easy and sure-shot way to a process an unprecedented amount of weight loss. This induces them to harbor certain very illogical expectations out of the dietary plan. Quintessentially these people get miffed with their weight loss rate in the mid-process. This is a psychological concern. You must not have any such expectation out of the process. It is a slow and gradual process that will take time. Again the effect of the diet differs from person to person. There is every chance that your friend might have shed more weight in the first three months that you will. Even the process of ketosis takes a certain time to begin which is about three to seven days. So the result will be different from person to person. There are no set boundaries for this plan. (1, 2)

Undiagnosed Medical Conditions as a Reason to Stop Weight Loss on Keto

In certain cases, people can have undiagnosed medical conditions such as hypertension, polycystic ovary syndromes, (5) depression and so much more. Again, people with high blood sugar(6) and a high blood pressure level will have to observe certain limitations and restrictions while following a keto diet. So these are the aspects that often affect the weight loss level of a person. So at the time of beginning a keto diet, you must visit a doctor and get a thorough checkup done. This is how you will get a complete idea of your clinical condition and can hence set a logical expectation out of your dietary plans.(7)

Excess Stress as a Reason to Stop Weight Loss on Keto

Stress is one of the biggest problems that have affected a huge part of the global population. Imbalance of work and personal life, stringent and ruthless corporate deadlines, competition, problems in relationships, an increasing number of life-threatening health conditions are just some of the reason of increasing amounts of stress and it can be quite endless. Amidst all this chaos, the contemporary global population is facing a huge problem of psychological issues. This is a problem that is affecting their physical health and also their mental well-being. Too much of stress produces the hormone cortisol in the human body. An excess amount of this hormone creates fat pockets that accumulate near the region of the lower belly. (8) Even with a keto diet, such additional accumulation of the fat can slow the progress of your weight loss program.

Lack of Rest

It will probably intrigue you to know it is during sleep that you lose a major part of your accumulated weight. Even if you do a workout in the gym and work very hard during your exercises, it is actually during your sleep that you burn the calories at an increased rate. Hence sleeping well is really important. This is why much research has pointed out the fact that people who do not get enough sleep can develop extra fat and can face a problem in their weight loss programs. (9, 10) So even if you are following a keto diet and you are not getting enough and the adequate amount of rest then it can mean that your rate of weight reduction has been affected in a negative manner. (11, 12)

Lack of Exercise

In keto diet, it has been said that you need to remain away from carbohydrates. This is how the body can use all the stored up fats and can burn your calories for energy. However, this is just the diet and the eating part of the whole program. Keto diet also encourages you to practice a healthy lifestyle that speaks of a good workout regime. So, if you are not losing weight even while following a keto diet, it could also be due to the lack of adequate exercise and workout pattern. Regular workout in some way or the other can help you to get the best benefits out of this program.


Keto diet is a form of diet that is quite difficult and rigorous in its nature. Continuing this form of diet on a long term basis can be quite difficult. Also, it means that you stay away from a number of food items that also has its benefits. If you feel that in spite of following the keto diet you are not getting the desired results, then you need to see a proper doctor or expert in the trade. Possibly you need to add something extra or check on the common errors mentioned above to get the desired weight loss.


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