Is Drinking Lassi Good for Your Health?

Lassi is one of the most common and refreshing drinks which is most favorite of many people and is taken by many people almost regularly. This drink is made by churning curd in which some additional flavor is added. You can also add rose syrup, Mango, Kesar, dry fruits, etc. for added taste. It is generally served in a tall glass and garnished with rose petals and dry fruits. Apart from the immense taste, this drink is very useful for our health.

Is Drinking Lassi Good for Your Health?

Is Drinking Lassi Good For Your Health?

Lassi has several benefits to our health that has full of nutrition which includes Vitamin B, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Folic acid, etc. Since it is made up of curd it contains many beneficial bacteria that can help you in killing harmful viruses and also helps in the digestion. Thus, it is a very beneficial drink and is very good for one’s health.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lassi

The following are some of the health benefits of drinking Lassi:

  • Drinking Lassi Helps in Digestion: Being churned out of Yogurt or curd, lassi is very beneficial for our digestive system. It consists of useful bacteria called Lactobacilli which is very light on the stomach and can lubricate the intestine. This helps in the digestion of a person.
  • Prevents Various Stomach Problems: When people suffer from stomach bloating, the best natural way to get relieved from the problem is to take Lassi. It helps in a great way in removing constipation which is one of the main causes of many stomach problems. So, if a person takes lassi regularly especially in the summer season it will help him to prevent all kind of stomach problems.
  • Weight Loss Benefits of Drinking Lassi: People with obesity tries a lot of things to lose his or her weight. Lassi is such a very useful drink that many people use as a part of a weight loss diet. It is low in calories but high in essential nutrients. As such, it is very useful for those persons who want to lose his or her weight.
  • Lassi as a Good Source of Probiotic: It has been found in many studies that curd is very useful in overall health and wellness of a person. Consuming curd regularly helps in promoting the healthy bacteria and reducing the bad bacteria. Since Lassi is made with curd its regular consumption will be highly beneficial for the health of a person as it will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduce the harmful bacteria.
  • Improved Bone Health Benefits of Drinking Lassi: Curd is made up of milk that consists of a huge amount of calcium. Calcium is very essential for our bones. Since, Lassi is made with the curd; it is a great way to make your bones stronger. This is the reason, people who have any kind of dental problem or pain in bones should consume Lassi regularly to make your bones healthy and strong.
  • Boosts Immune System: A high amount of lactic acid and Vitamin D is present in Lassi and as such Lassi is a great way to boost the immune system of a person. That is the reason why Lassi is very beneficial in combating various diseases.
  • Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure: Lassi is very useful in normalizing the high blood pressure of a person. A high amount of Potassium and Riboflavin is present in Lassi which helps in removing excess toxins that are present in the body. This helps in boosting the immune system which in turn can help in lowering the blood pressure of a person.
  • Prevents Acidity: Since Lassi is made with curd it is very beneficial for soothing the stomach. It helps in the burning sensation of the belly and helps in calming the inflamed stomach lining. It also helps in preventing the formation of acid that causes indigestion and heartburn.
  • Beneficial in Fighting with Body Heat: Lassi is a very cool refreshing drink which helps in reducing the body heat. Being rich in electrolytes, Lassi is very useful in fighting with the dehydration of the body. This is the reason why Lassi is mostly taken during the summer season.
  • Drinking Lassi to Keep the Skin Smooth: Since Lassi is rich in lactic acid and a high amount of AHA is present in Lassi, drinking lassi regularly can help in a greater way to enhance the skin texture, keeping the skin smooth and youthful. People suffering from various skin problems such as pimples, freckles on face, or blemish on the skin should take Lassi regularly.


Health benefits of Lassi are undeniable. It can keep our body protected from the danger of many diseases. It is thus highly recommended to take Lassi regularly especially during the summer season as it can prevent dehydration and stomach problems that the people experience during this season due to extreme heat.

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