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What Foods Make Kidney Stones Worse?

There are several factors that can cause kidney stones; however, in about 75% of cases, these kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate(1). The oxalate present in some foods enters our body and binds to calcium present in the body and when the calcium oxalate’s concentration in our body gets higher than normal, and kidneys are not able to excrete them quick enough, it begins to crystallize and eventually there is the formation of kidney stones(2).

Well, irrespective of what the causes of kidney stones could be, we must try and look for ways to prevent or treat them. We must also know about the things, especially the foods which make kidney stones worse. So, in this article we will talk about some of the foods which make kidney stones worse.

What Foods Make Kidney Stones Worse?

What Foods Make Kidney Stones Worse?

Foods Rich In Sodium Content Make Kidney Stones Worse(1). Any food that is rich in sodium can make kidney stones worse(1). This is because it increases the calcium amount in the urine and triggers the kidney stones. So, it is always essential for you to take low-sodium diet to keep away from kidney stones. Moreover, low sodium content in diet is also good for you heart and the blood pressure. Sodium is present in many canned and fast foods(3). Sodium is even present in several condiments and meats. Try to avoid these foods.

Animal Proteins Can Make Kidney Stones Worse(4). Eating excess of animal protein, such as eggs, poultry, red meat, and seafood, enhances the uric acid level and this can result in kidney stones. Moreover a diet loaded with rich amount of protein also reduces the citrate level, or the level of the chemical found in urine that aids in preventing the formation of stones. So, in case you are prone to stones, do restrict the intake of daily meat to a moderate amount; which not only prevents the kidney stone formation but also is healthy for your heart.

Foods Rich In Oxalate Make Kidney Stones Worse(5). Foods that are rich in oxalate, such as spinach, chocolate, beets, rhubarb, wheat bran, tea and most of the nuts, can contribute to the formation of kidney stones or make kidney stones worse(5). You must avoid these foods or take them in a limited amount to prevent kidney stones.

Colas Can Make Kidney Stones Worse(6). Foods like colas that are loaded with phosphate or a chemical, which might promote the kidney stone formation, can also make kidney stones worse.

Sugars Can Make Kidney Stones Worse(8). It is also important for you to reduce or totally eliminate the intake of added sugar. These are the sugars and the syrups that are generally added to the processed foods and the drinks. Added fructose and sucrose can increase the risk of kidney stones(8).

Foods Rich In Vitamin C Make Kidney Stones Worse(8). It is also known that foods that contain higher amount of vitamin C or vitamin C supplements can also contribute to kidney stone. This is because our body converts vitamin C to oxalate, which can cause stones(8).

Purine Diet Make Kidney Stones Worse(9). It must also be informed that apart from the calcium oxalate stones, there are one more common type of kidney stones, known as the uric acid stones. Foods, such as shellfish, red meat, organ meat; etc. contain high level of purines or the natural chemical compounds that can result in the production of uric acid, when taken in excess amount and this can produce a larger acid load for your kidneys to properly excrete. The high concentration of uric acid in the urine can lead to the formation of uric acid stones.

In order to prevent such uric acid kidney stones, reduce the intake of high-purine diet, such as organ meats, red meat, shellfish and also take fair amount of fruits and vegetables and low fat containing dairy products. Apart from this, avoid consuming more of alcohol.


So, from the above discussion we have come to know about some of the foods that make kidney stones worse. If you are willing to keep yourself safe from the formation of stones, then do avoid these types of food and also drink plenty of water which is really important to prevent stones, especially the cystine stones. It is also essential for you to talk to your doctor about other ways to protect yourself from kidney stones and follow the best prescribed precautions and treatments.


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