Why is Drinking Coconut Water Beneficial?

Coconut Water is a liquid that is found in coconuts. The coconut tree is believed to be quite a vital tree around the world due to the nutrients that this tree provides to people by way of coconut water. In fact, coconut water is believed to be second only to fresh water. Coconut water is full of nutrients and almost zero on calories. It has plenty of minerals required by the body for various functions.[1,2]

Coconut has more electrolytes than many energy drinks available in stores. Extensive research on coconut water has also shown it to be rich in amino acids, tryptophan, cysteine, tyrosine, and other minerals. Iron, potassium, zinc and manganese are also present in coconut water making it perhaps the best drink for supplying all nutrients to the body especially in the summer season.[1]

Coconut water also has vitamin B1, B2, and C in abundance. The above mentioned composition of coconut water speaks volumes about the benefits that it has on the overall health of an individual. This article gives a brief overview of some of the health benefits of coconut water.[1,2]Which are the Foods to Avoid in Pancreatitis?

Why is Drinking Coconut Water Beneficial?

Some of the health benefits of coconut water include.

Weight Loss. Coconut water has almost zero calories and literally no cholesterol. This does not help in any way to increase fat content in the body. Coconut water also boosts the metabolic rate of the body thus keeping the overall weight in check. Drinking a couple of glasses of coconut water every day does a world of good for overweight individuals who want to shed the extra weight.[3]

Decreases Blood Sugars. Coconut water is also extremely good for diabetics. Irrespective of the sweet taste that coconut water has it has very low sugar content. This is the reason why many physicians recommend frequent intake of coconut water for people who are hyperglycemic or have diabetes.[3]

Decreases Blood Pressure. Coconut water is extremely low on sodium. This is when it is compared to many energy and sports drinks. It is also very high on chlorides. Chloride is important for the body as it prevents retention of water.[3]

If there is no water retention in the body, there will be less pressure put on the kidneys to filter them. This in turn lowers the blood pressure. Thus drinking coconut water every day helps in regulating the blood pressure and is extremely beneficial for hypertensives [3].

Body Temperature Regulation. Coconut also regulates body temperature in that it cools the body down during summers. This is done because of the fact that coconut water increases the metabolism of the body. It increases sweating during summers which helps to cool the body down in extreme heat. Thus coconut water in extreme heat in an absolute must to keep the temperatures regulated.[3]

Improve Digestion. Coconut water contains monoglyceride which functions by cleaning the digestive tract and kills any infective worms present in the body. This makes digestion of food easy. It is also very rich in fiber content which again makes the digestion process easy preventing any conditions like constipation from setting in.[3]

Best for Hangovers. The best and most common use for coconut water is that it helps get rid of a hangover. Coconut water soothes the stomach and replaces all the essential electrolytes that get lost due to excessive urination and even vomiting after alcohol consumption.[3]

It is also excellent for vomiting due to its sweet taste. Next time if you drink more than your body can handle and end up vomiting and have a hangover the following day, make sure to get some coconut water for immediate relief.[3]

In conclusion, coconut water is perhaps the healthiest natural fluid that is available. It has literally all the vital nutrients and electrolytes that the body requires for normal functioning. Coconut water not only hydrates the body and aids in digestion, it also has many medicinal properties.[1,2]

It regulates body temperature and keeps the body cool in the summers. It also reduces blood pressure and keeps blood sugar levels under control. Thus it is excellent for hypertensives and diabetics. Thus all the physicians recommend at least two glasses of coconut water every day for staying fit and healthy.[1,2,3]


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