5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Graying Of Hair

Finding a strand of gray hair can be quite scary for people as they perceive it to be a sign of age catching up with them. With the first sign of gray hair, people start researching on the Internet on ways to control Graying of Hair. Graying of Hair is a genetic phenomenon and the age at which your hair starts to gray depends on the genetic makeup and is not under the control of an individual.

There are ways however like certain lifestyle changes which when followed diligently can help stopping the progression or even completely eliminate premature graying of hair for as long as possible. Using a hair dye is a possible solution but it is temporary. Delineate below are some ways to prevent Graying of Hair.

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Graying Of Hair

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Graying Of Hair

Some of the ways to Prevent Graying of Hair are:

Increased Intake of Vitamins: Vitamin B12 is extremely vital for good healthy hair. The deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin B12, can cause the hairs to lose their pigmentation resulting in Graying of Hair. Foods rich in vitamins are fish, eggs, chicken, as well as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products. You can also take vitamin supplements additionally in order to Prevent Graying of Hair.

Massage with Egg Oil: Egg oil is an excellent natural remedy to Prevent Graying of Hair. It contains an antioxidant called xanthophyll which slows down the process of aging preventing Graying of Hair. You need to apply Egg Oil to the scalp a couple of times a week and leave it overnight. Wash the hair next day. This is a really good tip to Prevent Graying of Hair.

Avoid Smoking: Nicotine present in cigarettes not only hastens the aging process but also makes the hairs lose their pigment, thus making the hair gray prematurely. Hence, to Prevent Graying of Hair you need to abstain from smoking. Part time smokers may find it easy to quit but long time smokers may need counseling and other help to get rid of this habit.

Hair Health: It is extremely essential to take good care of hair to prevent premature Graying of Hair. Unhealthy hairs often tend to become gray early and are more likely to fall out and when the new hair grows it has less than normal pigment and is more often that not gray in color. Try and avoid using hair dryers to dry out the hair as it puts excessive pressure on the hair which in turn leads to them either falling out prematurely or turning gray. If you bleach your hair then it is recommended to try to keep it dyed. Never brush you hair even when they are tangled after a bath as they tend to break the hair. Be gentle on your hairs and take good care of them.

Herbal Supplements: You can also try certain herbal supplements which are easily available in the market to make your hair healthier. While there are no proven studies which show that herbal supplements Prevent Graying of Hair herbal supplements like Amla, seaweed, and nettle leaf are quite popular and are believed to Prevent Graying of Hair. It is highly recommended to consult with your physician or nutritionist before you start on any supplements.

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