Benefits of Witch Hazel in Getting Rid of Spider Veins

Spider veins are the spider-like configuration with dilated and minute blood vessels that appear on either legs or face and may cause burning sensation and pain on the affected areas. Thankfully, with the use of natural remedy like Witch Hazel for spider veins you can treat the condition at home without medical intervention.

According to scientific researches and studies, the alternative remedies like Witch Hazel oils or creams can be effective in the treatment of spider veins in patients. Witch Hazel acts as anti-inflammatory and astringent that can is used as an alternative remedy to shrink the spider veins in face and legs. The volatile oils and natural tannins are the primary ingredients found in Witch Hazel for spider veins and these ingredients work to shrink the small spider veins under the dermal layer of the skin.

It has been found that the Witch Hazel oil used to treat spider veins has therapeutic effects and homeostatic effects, which means that the application of Witch Hazel for spider veins can retain the blood in the damaged veins for quick recovery and healing. It removes the appearance of spider veins on legs and face efficiently.

Witch Hazel for Spider Veins

The first application of Witch Hazel for spider veins treatment was started in the year 1887 by Dr. John V. Shoemaker, who discovered that Witch Hazel could be the best alternative remedy for swollen veins, all thanks to its anti-inflammatory, astringent and haemostatic effects. Not to mention, the American natives are using Witch Hazel since 1600 century for a variety of medicinal purposes. Since it is known for its therapeutic and healing properties, it was widely used for varied skin conditions and hemorrhoids. Now studies have proved that Witch Hazel can effectively fade the spider veins from legs and face because of the chemicals present in it like tannins and volatile oils.

Benefits of Witch Hazel in Getting Rid of Spider Veins

Benefits of Witch Hazel in Getting Rid of Spider Veins

Being the powerful astringent and anti-inflammatory herbal extract, Witch Hazel is often prescribed by herbalists and alternative medicine doctors to treat a variety of skin disorders including Spider Veins which can be unsightly and embarrassing. So, it is proved according to alternative medicine experts that Witch Hazel for spider veins, is particularly beneficial for use on legs and face.

Although there is limited research and evidence available to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of this remedy to treat spider veins, it has been in use for centuries to clear off spider veins and other skin conditions. So, people across the world are using Witch Hazel for spider vein treatment. In homeopathic system of medicine, treatment with Witch Hazel for spider veins is effective.

Primary Ingredients of Witch Hazel for Spider Veins

The main ingredients of Witch Hazel for spider veins include

  • Tannins – Witch Hazel mainly contains tannins which give the extract an astringent property. The extract of Witch Hazel is a natural compound with astringent effects and hence it can be beneficial for a variety of skin disorders. It acts as anti-inflammatory to treat spider veins in people. Tannins work to shrink the small spider veins under the dermal layer of skin, while strengthening the blood vessels and restoring the veins to its natural structure.
  • Volatile Oil – It is another primary ingredient found in Witch Hazel which contributes to its astringent benefits. This ingredient works to decrease inflammation, reduce bleeding and bind the tissues together. In conditions like spider veins, it works to shrink the spider buggers and alleviate the related discomfort and pain.

How to Use Witch Hazel to Get Rid of Spider Veins?

Witch Hazel for spider veins can be used in different forms. It is available in the form of Witch Hazel teas, tinctures and creams. You can also prepare a solution at home by boiling the leaves, bark and twigs of Witch Hazel with water to prepare a solution which you may apply directly on the affected areas of the skin. After preparing the solution, you need to take a cotton ball and dip it into the solution and apply it directly on the affected areas. You need to apply the solution at least two times in a day until the condition improves and the spider veins vanish. This solution is to be used externally and should not be consumed internally.

Other Uses of Witch Hazel

Apart from using Witch Hazel for spider veins, it can also be used for a variety of purposes. It is proved to be effective for preventing and treating twisted and enlarged veins near the surface of skin and varicose veins. Since it is rich in antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can efficiently treat such skin conditions.

Additionally, Witch Hazel is also known to reduce the associated symptoms of these skin conditions like itchy legs, heavy legs, achy legs, night cramps, mild swelling, itching skin over varicose skin and others.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Witch Hazel for Spider Veins

You need to remember that Witch Hazel also has some side effects like all other medicinal remedies. It is recommended to use Witch Hazel externally to treat spider veins and avoid consuming tablets or oral pills made out of Witch Hazel as it may cause vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, liver damage, constipation and more when indigested. Consumption of Witch Hazel in oral form can significantly interfere with the absorption of medicines with alkaloids.

Since Witch Hazel comprises of tannin as principle ingredient, it is recommended to avoid using Witch Hazel for spider veins for prolonged periods of time. You are required to use the solution until the condition improves and the spider vein vanishes from your skin surface. It is meant only for external use on affected areas and is better to seek medical advice for further treatment.


Witch Hazel for spider veins is a powerful astringent, thus making it the most popular and natural treatment option. It is useful in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins and other skin disorders in natural way without medical intervention. You can purchase the commercially prepared Witch Hazel solution from natural and organic food stores and online drug stores, or you may prepare the solution at home to apply it externally on the affected areas until the condition improves.

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