12 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Conjunctivitis

Are you getting panicked due to the infection of the eye? Yes, any type of inflammation in eye can be concerning for each and every one as it is highly contagious.

Conjunctivitis is a type of inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. The disease is also known as pink eye as inside the eyelid a thin pinkish cover occurs which makes a coat on the white part of the both eyes. Proper treatment is needed for treatment of conjunctivitis. This article deals with 12 home remedies to get rid of conjunctivitis.

12 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Conjunctivitis

12 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Conjunctivitis

Prevention and care for conjunctivitis is essential part of its management. It is better not to rub the eye which is infected by different types of allergies or bacterial infections. Take proper care of the infection at home as conjunctivitis can be easily treated well by applying simple home remedies. By using simple tips and home remedies you can easily manage conjunctivitis effectively. These tips would definitely help you to get cured quickly.

Here in the article, we discuss how to take proper care of conjunctivitis to treat it fast. All the home remedies for conjunctivitis are helpful which all need to be followed accurately.

Fresh Cold Water Splash

It is often difficult to open your eyelid early in the morning as you wake up from sleep. This is very hard to handle as you feel like almost blind at that time. This is when the eye irritation gets worse and is also painful. You cannot apply any other home remedies or consume medicines as you cannot open the eye properly at that time. Just try to reach to the sink and splash cold running water on your entire face especially eye. This tip would help you to open the closed infected eye properly and can act as one of the best home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Cold or Warm Compress Reduce Pain

Cold or warm compress is one of the easiest home remedies to get rid of conjunctivitis. Take a clean washcloth and compress your infected eye with this cloth. This homely tip for treating conjunctivitis is easy to apply and provides comfort to the eye. Every time uses different washcloths and for each eye uses different washcloths too. Always use a new washcloth to prevent the spread of bacterial, as well as viral infections.

Use of Eye Drops Enhance Immunity

When it comes to eye drops to treat pink eye Colloidal Silver comes first in the line, as one of the home remedies for conjunctivitis. Colloidal Silver contains silver particles which are suspended in the distilled water. This silver solution is very helpful to boost up the immune support of your eye. Apply two drops of the silver containing drops in three to four times a day. Apart from colloidal silver, antibiotic ointments are also used to treat conjunctivitis and are best taken with medical advice.

Fresh Salt Water to Clean The Dirt

This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of conjunctivitis. The solution of salt and simple warm water can be made easily. Take moderate amount of water and boil it properly. As the water get boiled it is absolutely distilled. This is the best form of water to apply to your eyes in conjunctivitis. Add a half teaspoon of salt into it and let the water cool. Dip cotton ball into the mixture and wipe your infected eye gently. You can apply this remedy several times in an entire day. Discard the water solution after two days. This solution helps to rinse the eye properly.

Warm Milk and Honey Provides Soothing Effects

Honey is a very good anti-microbial agent and when mixed with warm milk, it works as best home remedies for conjunctivitis. Take the same amount of milk and honey and mix them well. Remember the milk should be warm but not too hot. Stir the mixture until honey blends into milk properly. Take an eye dropper and drop two to three drops of this solution in your eye. Keep it for a while and wash your eye with distilled water. Apply this tip several times. The irritation of the infection gets reduce as many times you apply this tip.

Herbal Tea for Hot Compress

When it comes to other easy tips for treating conjunctivitis herbal tea compress is here for you. It works amazingly and quickly. All the herbal teas like fennel tea, calendula tea, chamomile tea and eyebright tea can easily help to treat pink eye. Use these teas as hot compresses to the infected eye. You can also use tea to rinse and clear your infected eye. You can add a little amount of salt into the tea to boost up the astringent power. Care should be taken by people who are allergic to calendula or chamomile and the use of these teas should be avoided.

Breast Milk Prevents Bacterial Contamination

We all know briefly the benefits of the breast milk but do you know that breast milk works amazingly in conjunctivitis treatment too. Yes, colostrum and breast milk not only prevents bacterial infection of the eye to the newborn but it is also very helpful for adults. Hence, these can be used as home remedies for conjunctivitis. Various researches show that breast milk contains a huge amount of immunoglobulin A which is a strong antibody. This protein containing antibody prevents the conjunctivitis bacteria to get attached to the eye’s mucosal surface. Drop some drops of breast milk using an eyedropper or wipe gently the whitish part using a cotton ball.

Raw Potatoes Reduce Irritation

Raw potato has great astringent quality and provides soothing effects on the eye by reducing the irritation caused by conjunctivitis. This too is one of the excellent home remedies for conjunctivitis. Make a paste of raw potatoes and apply the juice to your eyes or make two slices of a potato and cover your eyes by these. Make sure that the knife should be clear when you preparing the slices.

Aloe Vera Helps with its Cooling Gel

We all know that aloe vera is having great medicinal properties. The cooling gel of aloe vera plant helps in reducing the irritation caused by pink eye. It is one of the best and safest home remedies for conjunctivitis that you can easily try. Take out the gel from a leaf and dip a cotton ball into it. Apply the gel on your infectious eye and let it dry. Wipe the eye gently later.

Turmeric Prevents the Spread Of Infection

Turmeric is very good source of anti-microbial substances. It prevents the spread of bacterial, viral and allergic infections. Make a paste of two tablespoons of turmeric powder and warm water. Apply the mixture on your pink eye, as one of the effective home remedies for conjunctivitis that helps to reduce its symptoms.

Avoid All Eye Make Up

To take proper conjunctivitis care you need to stay away from all types of makeup during the infection. Eye makeup may enhance the chances of more spreading of the infection. Various eye makeups like eye-liner, mascara, eye shadows contain different types of chemicals. These chemical substances can increase the irritation more. So, put your makeup on hold and keep your eye free from more contamination during pink eye.

Clean Up Your Belongings

This is one of the very useful tips and a part of home remedies to get rid of conjunctivitis. Make sure your pillow cases, towel, and other personal belongings are clean enough. Conjunctivitis is a transferrable disease. Try to change your pillow cases after two to three days during the disease. As much as you clean up your belongings the germ infection would be reduced drastically and cannot be spread anymore. Follow this tip to treat conjunctivitis properly. This tip also helps to prevent the infection to other as well.

Thus, you now know what should do during the infection of conjunctivitis. Here we discussed the best and easily applicable home remedies for conjunctivitis treatment.

Apart from these all many other agents also work amazingly to give you soothing feeling during pink eye. Other home remedies for conjunctivitis may also include the use of baking soda, boric acid, coriander, cold bread or coconut oil that are popular in particular regions and cultures since ancient times. These absolutely amazing healing agents are also good to treat conjunctivitis effectively, just make sure that the ingredients used as in their purest forms and are handled hygienically.

Using these home remedies for conjunctivitis can surely be beneficial and show faster results. Remember, whatever the procedure you are going to apply it is important to take proper care and precautions as regards the ingredients and the instruments you use. Controlling the spread of infection is equally important to protect yourself and others. Take the best care and apply the preventive measures to treat conjunctivitis at home as your eyes are precious.

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