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What are the Main Causes of Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis, also called Trich indicates a common form of sexually transmitted infection affecting both males and females. However, symptoms are relatively more common among females. Trichomoniasis infection occurs from a single-cell parasite of protozoan i.e. Trichmonas vaginalis.

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

Most of the infected women do not have any sign or symptom associated with Trichomoniasis. Nevertheless, in case the problem highlights signs or symptoms, it may come within minimum 5 days to maximum 28 days after you expose to the problem. Moreover, the symptoms of vaginitis or Trichomoniasis infection include the following-

  • Yellow, green, frothy, gray or bad smelling type of vaginal discharge
  • Presence of blood in the vaginal discharge
  • Irritation and itching within and across the vagina
  • Swelling nearby the genitals
  • Pain during a sexual intercourse
  • Burning sensation and pain during urination.

What are the Main Causes of Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis infection causes from a single-celled protozoan named Trichomonas vaginalis and it travels among people via genital contact during the sexual intercourse. In case of women the parasite causes urethral or vaginal and both infections.

However, vagina is a common place of Trichomoniasis infection in women, while urethra i.e. urine canal is the common site for men. Parasite transmits sexually from penile region to vagina or because of contact in between vulvas with any infected partner.

Women get the problem from any other infected women or men, while men get the problem only via infected women. Once the infection starts, it spreads easily via unprotected contact of genitals.

Considering the aforementioned facts, we should say that Trichomoniasis infection spreads because of the following two major reasons-

Oral, Anal or Vaginal Sex

Trichomoniasis parasite spreads via vaginal, anal or oral sex even when if none of the individuals have any symptom. Indeed, you may suffer from Trichomoniasis infection from a person, who does not have any sign or symptom of the respective problem.

Genital Touching

Men do not require ejaculation for spreading the Trichomoniasis; instead, it passes in between women, who perform sex with women.

However, Trichomoniasis infection never spreads through normal physical contact of individuals, such as kissing, hugging, sharing belongings or dishes and sitting on toilet seat. Besides this, infection does not spread or spread rarely via sexual contact, which does not involve genitals or vaginal areas.

Common Risk Factors for Trichomoniasis Infection

Common risk factors associated with Trichomoniasis infection are-

  • History of any other sexually transmitted infection
  • Multiple numbers of sexual partners
  • Previous episode or episodes of Trichomoniasis
  • Involving in sexual intercourse without using condom

Risk Factors as Per Region

The problem of Trichomoniasis or Trichomoniasis is common among women as compared to of men.

Trichomoniasis affects approximately 2 millions of women in between 14 years and 49 years age in different regions of the United States.

Trichomoniasis affects a large number of African American women as compared to Hispanic and white women. Moreover, the risk in case of African American women becomes high with lifetime numbers of sexual partners and age.


Other than risk factors, Trichomoniasis infection also involves a few major complications because of the parasite’s attack. These are as follows-

HIV Infection

Women suffering from Trichomoniasis problem are more likely to suffer infections with HIV virus and thereby, stuck with a dreadful disease of AIDs.

Trichomoniasis Infection and Pregnant Women

Pregnant women suffering from Trichomoniasis or Trichomoniasis infection may-

  • Experience pre-matured delivery of the baby
  • Give birth to a baby with relatively low birth weight
  • Easily transmit the same infection to the baby, as it passes from the birth canal.


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