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What are the Symptoms of Trichomoniasis in Men?

Trichomonas is an STD i.e. sexually transmitted disease, which is caused by a parasite name microscopic. This parasite usually develops in the genitals like in vagina and urethral tissues. This disease affects both men as well as men, but the symptoms are prominently seen in women as compared to men. Research has revealed that this is one of the widespread problems found in sexually active people, but the best aspect is that the problem is treatable.

What are the Symptoms of Trichomoniasis in Men?

What are the Symptoms of Trichomoniasis in Men?

As discussed above the symptoms of Trichomonas is not very prominent in men, but still there are some common symptoms, which patient may notice. They are as follows:

Unusual Discharge: Whenever an individual experience unusual discharge from the penis, then this is a prime indication of that the person may be suffering from trichomonas. Color of discharge can be either yellowish or grayish. One should get the sample of the discharge tested for further diagnosis.

Swelling or Burning Sensation: Individual may also experience burning sensation of swelling in the genitals. If these sensations are significantly prominent, then there is a high possibility that the person is infected:

  • People suffering from this sexually transmitted disease may also find trouble in urinating and during ejaculating.
  • In some rare cases patient may also find mild swelling in the scrotum. If anything such is encountered then patient must seek immediate medical help.
  • These symptoms do not only show possibility of sexually transmitted diseases but also may other health issue. Hence, it is highly prescribed to undergo complete medication investigation.

Itching: This is one of the primary symptoms of trichomonas; depending on the severity of the problem itching can be very mild or severe in or around the penis. Patient facing itching problem should never overlook the problem and must consult a doctor. This is because if the problem is left untreated then it can become severe and can also facilitate other health problems.

One very important aspect which every individual should consider is that most of the men suffering from Trichomonas problem, do not experience any symptom. Studies have revealed that almost 70 percent of men suffering from this problem are less likely to experience any sign or indication. Hence, it is high advised then people should get themselves tested for sexually transmitted disease once every year.

Risk Assessment

Is possible, one should always ask their sex partner that whether they are experiencing any of the above discussed symptoms or are Trichomonas positive. This may sound bit wired or awkward, but this will help in assessing the involved risk of acquiring the contagious sexually transmitted problems from their partner.

Sexual History: There are some specific behaviors that increase the risk of developing the problem. The risk bar becomes higher when the patient exhibits any of the below mentioned behaviors:

  • Having multiple sex partners
  • Already suffering from STD
  • Enjoying unprotected sex with different partners

Patients who have already suffered from Trichomonas in the past are at a high risk of developing the problem again. Some of the people have this misconception that if they have successfully overcome the problem then they will not be infected by the problem again. Hence, keeping a track of all the medical reports is very important.

Consult Doctor

If individual feel that they may be infected with Trichomonas or are at a risk of developing the problem, then they should immediately seek medical help. Tests confirm whether they are suffering the problem or not and if test is positive then treatment is started for the problem:

  • Doctor will remove a sample of urethra and will perform further analysis of the same. Removal of sample may be painful but it is very helpful in diagnosing Trichomonas.
  • Doctors may also prescribe urine test for identifying various other sexually transmitted disease if present.
  • If the patient experiences any symptom which is similar to Trichomonas, then it is a great idea to get the complete test done. This way patient gets to know about their exact help status.


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