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How Do You Treat Morton’s Neuroma At Home?

Morton’s neuroma refers to thickening and swelling of the nerve present in the foot’s ball between different toes i.e. between the third and the fourth toe. Pressure aggravates in the toe or the ball area to make your regular walking and standing uncomfortable. In this situation, you have to take necessary steps for reducing the pressure on your nerves and reduce the irritation in surrounding tissues to alleviate your pain.

How Do You Treat Morton’s Neuroma At Home?

Massage And Stretching Therapy

Morton’s neuroma of one’s foot is a painful condition caused mainly, because of an inflamed nerve present in the foot’s ball area. However, you may easily treat this condition at home with daily massage and stretch therapy in combination with OTC painkillers.

Massage And Stretch Open’s Space Between Bones

The objective behind massage and stretch therapy for Morton’s neuroma is to open the space presents between your bones i.e. metatarsals in the ball of one’s foot and increase the blood circulation. In this way, the therapy reduces both inflammation and pain associated with your condition. However, while applying massage, you have to focus on ball of your foot/feet instead of focusing on toes. You have to remember that pain in your toes indicate your pain causing from the ball area of the foot.

Press And Massage To Create Pressure On Both Bottom And Top Of Foot

Podiatrists and other experts involved in applying massage therapy for Morton’s neuroma often recommend you to place your thumbs at the top area of your foot and fingers on its bottom area and vice versa. Thus, by pressing and massaging the ball area bones of your foot you create pressure on its both bottom and top sides.

Stretch The Spaces Present Between Metatarsals

Use your hands to follow massage and stretch to grab the forefoot and pull it apart. In simple words, you have to stretch the spaces present between metatarsals in your foot’s ball area.

Try Massage And Stretch Post Hot Bath Or Hot Shower

To get effective results, you should apply massage and stretch at the end of your day i.e. after your hot bath or hot shower and any other heat application.

Ice Massage Technique

Once you done with massage and stretching therapy for Morton’s neuroma, you should rub the ball area by using an ice pack. This step helps you to alleviate your pain and reduce the inflammation.

Change Your Shoes

Next, you should use shoes or footwear with enough arch support, low heels and cushioned sole. These types of shoes create less pressure on your damaged nerve and give you enough comfort. Especially, you should invest in supportive type of footwear options available in the market, as they come with relatively wide toe box to assist you in fast healing and avoid Morton’s neuroma recurrences in the near future. Furthermore, if you have to wear high heels occasionally, you should prefer for platforms or wedges for your feet.

Rest Your Feet

Whenever you get the opportunity, Morton’s neuroma patients should sit down for a while and rest your feet. This lets you recovering from your stress related to walking and standing for a long time.

Apply Metatarsal Pads

Morton’s neuroma patients should use over-the-counter type of metatarsal pads to give additional layer of protection beneath your affected or painful ball area or between the toes. According to podiatrists, pads or any other form of cushion inserted in the affected area below your shoes, especially below your ball area helps in lifting and separation of the metatarsals.


Regardless the reason behind your Morton’s neuroma problem and related conditions, like pain or inflammation, you may easily manage them by following the mentioned home treatment options in combination with over-the-counter type of medications.


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