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What Are The Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma?

Various shoes for the patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma are available in the market and each one has their own benefits. However, various factors are to be considered while buying shoes for such patients.

What Are The Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma?

Improper fit shoes and shoes not comfortable to the feet significantly increase the risk of Morton’s neuroma. Also, proper and customized shoes in patient suffering from this condition also help to alleviate the condition. Various shoes are available in the market which are targeting these patients. In such a scenario, the patient gets confused as to which types of shoes are best for him. It should be noted that wearing a proper fit shoe does not cure your neuroma, but helps you increase your mobility and will acts as a complimentary in your journey for neuroma management destination. Following are the characteristics of best shoes which should be considered by patients prior to buying:

Proper Fit. You should choose the shoes that fit you best. The shoes should not be either too tight as it may cause pressure and also not too loose as this will hamper your walking. In most of the people, the two foot are different from each other in size. This difference is, however, marginal. If this difference is large and your size of feet is somewhere in the mid of two sizes, you should opt for customized shoes.

Orthotic Insole. The orthotic insole helps relieves the pressure from the foot which results in lowering of the pain. The orthotic insole also keeps your toe straightened. The orthotic insole has the cushioning and padding property to properly protect the toes.

Cushioning Sole. Cushioning outward sole also provide relief to the foot and it helps in reducing the pain and assist in comfortable walking. It allows minimum stress on the foot and keeps the foot straight.

Air Pockets. Air pockets should provide extra cushioning to the foot when the person walks. It also helps in reducing the force to be applied while walking. Thus, air pockets are preferable, if not essential, characteristics in shoes for patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma.

Comfortable. The shoes must be comfortable to the foot. This should be the first and foremost requirement while purchasing the shoes for Morton’s neuroma patients. The foot should be comfortably placed inside the shoes with a minimum area inside required for foot movement.

Zero Drop Shoes. High heel shoes cause a great deal of pressure on the toes and the ball of the foot. If high heel shoes are worn for a long time, it may lead to an increase in the severity of Morton’s neuroma. Thus, the patient should consider zero drop shoes or flat shoes for managing pain and burning sensation in the foot.

Proper Arch Support. The shoes should have a proper passing inside them to properly support the arch of the foot. If the patient walks, the arch of the foot collapse leading to increased pain. Thus, arch support is required which assist the patient in walking without any pain.

Adjustable Fitting. Too much tight shoes cause discomfort while loose shoes resist proper walking. Thus, shoes for patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma should have an adjustable fitting. The fitting can be adjusted through laces, straps or Velcro, that helps the patient to adjust his shoes according to the required level of comfort.

Wide Toe Boxes. Proper space to be provided to place the front part of the toe into the shoes. The metatarsals should not override on each other as the case seen in narrow shoe boxes.

Throw Your Old Shoes. While you are looking for your new shoes, you should start searching for them prior to the turning out of old shoes as wearing torn shoes increase the severity.


Various points o be considered while buying shoes for Morton’s neuroma patients are Adjustable fitting, wide toe boxed, comfort, proper fit, padding, and zero drop or flat shoes.


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