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How Do You Treat Neuromas Naturally?

Morton’s Neuromas refer to irregular thickening of one’s nerve tissue between the third and fourth toe. Even though doctors are unable to identify the exact reason behind the condition, there are large numbers of patterns and groups, which are more or less similar to the condition. However, the positive thing in this case is that you do not have to undergo with surgery or invasive treatment procedure to cure your Morton’s Neuroma condition. Only you have to look for drug-free alternatives and natural treatment procedure to deal with your condition and manage your symptoms related to Neuroma.

How Do You Treat Neuromas Naturally?

Massage Therapy To Relieve Pressure

You should undergo with massage therapy, as it helps in relieving pressure on the nerves naturally from tight muscles and tendons. In case of nerve compression for your feet, massage therapy helps you stimulating the flow of blood and allows proper nerve function while it works to reduce the chronic pain. When qualified and experienced massage therapists spread or mobilize the bones or nerves joining your toes i.e., metatarsal heads with proper care, you will expect to reduce your Neuroma-related symptoms and thereby, adverse effects related to nerve compression.

Orthotic Shoes And Supports To Relieve The Nerve Compression

In some of the cases related to Morton’s Neuroma, you may get a great help naturally by incorporating orthotic shoes or supports to relieve the compression of your nerves. You have to consider about avoiding shoes, which have heels or often compresses or confine the toes and nearby soft tissues. However, you have to search for supports capable to work with your feet in right alignment while you perform any activity and undergo treatment. You should keep in mind that shoes create a big difference in your feet health and hence, you should search for the shoes, which work properly in accordance to your specific foot pain problems.

Anti-inflammatory Injections To Manage Your Pain

Anti-inflammatory injections are also effective natural treatment options to cure your condition related to Morton’s Neuroma. Steroid injections in this case numb your affected nerves without making any other change in the structure of your affected foot. Anesthetic shots relieve your nerves, which keep sending the pain signals because of nerve compression. Especially, if we talk about steroid chemicals, they are not only helpful in relieving your inflammation, but also help in reducing your pain and swelling problems.

Change In Your Existing Lifestyle Is Essential

You have to make certain changes in your existing lifestyle, so that you may easily avoid exacerbating your symptoms related to Morton’s Neuroma. As your inflamed nerves require some time to heal, because of which-

Stop Involving In Impact Sports/Activities Temporarily. You have to start your care by considering your level or extent of activities you perform on a daily basis. This means, if you involve in any of the high-impact sports or activities, which do not allow resting your foot, you should eliminate them on a temporary basis to achieve your faster healing process. For instance, if you are a jogger or runner, you should try for other alternative, like swimming and cycling.

Elevate The Feet. You should make sure about elevating your affected foot as much as possible.

Check Your Shoes. Other than resting for your feet, you should make sure examining your shoes. This means, you have to look for shoes, which come with wide toe boxes.

Cushion Pads Or Similar Inserts. A large number of podiatrists recommend you using suitable metatarsal cushion inserts or pads to give better support to the arch, provide proper space between the toes and reduce applying pressure on the pinched/affected nerve.


To conclude, we should say that a patient of Morton’s Neuroma has plenty of natural treatment options to cure his/her condition without surgery.


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