Coping with Stockholm Syndrome & its Preventive Tips

Coping with stockholm syndrome is challenging. It is better for the victim to consult a psychologist for better coping strategies.

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition developed by a hostage victim or captive when they live closely with their captors for a prolonged time period. The interesting name of this syndrome has been coined from a bank robbery case happened in Stockholm located in Sweden. In the year 1973, some employees of the bank were made hostage for few days. During this period an emotional bond is formed among the captors and the hostages. In fact, during the phone call while on call with Prime Minister of Sweden, the hostage revealed that he feels safe and protected. On the contrary, he feels scared to face police authorities. Psychologist who have been researching on stockholm syndrome mental condition do quite sometimes believe that, a bond develops between hostage a captor when the captor threatens a hostage for life and then change their mind of killing the hostage. This ignites a feeling to gratitude towards the captor. The incident discussed above clearly states that it took just few days for the hostage to build positive attitude towards the criminal.

Coping with Stockholm Syndrome

Coping with Stockholm Syndrome

Coping methods for stockholm syndrome:

Refer Psychologist

The first and the foremost thing is to consult a good and experienced psychologist for stockholm syndrome. Professionals know how to deal with the situation in a way that the patient feels safe and co-operate with the psychologist. They create strategy and try their best to enable patients overcome their condition of stockholm syndrome and provide tools for better coping with stockholm syndrome.

Talk Therapy

When a person is suffering from Stockholm syndrome then doctor must avoid insisting the patient to understand that complexity of the situation. Instead, they should talk to the patient politely and make them feel relax & comfortable. This process many consume a lot of time but forcing the patient may have adverse effect on the prevailing mental condition, making it even worst.

Love and Support

This is the situation when patient looks for support and affection from their closed ones. Try to make them build trust on you so that they can feel safe with you and do not see you as their enemy.

Healthy Communication

Healthy communication is a good coping method for stockholm syndrome. Patients suffering from stockholm syndrome often try to isolate themselves from others. Hence, it is very important that the friends and family members should try to have frequent and healthy communication with the patient. Keeping the patient isolated will actually contribute in making their condition even worst.

Keep Calm

It happens that in this situation of stockholm syndrome people surrounding the patient often lose their calm and feel helpless. However, it is very important that one should stay calm and patiently deal with the patient.

Other Coping Tips For Stockholm Syndrome:

Seeking immediate medical help is the first thing that helps to cope with the trauma of stockholm syndrome. In addition, patient suffering from Stockholm syndrome or any other mental trauma often lose their trust from other people. Hence, it is very crucial that the friends and family members should try to regain the trust because once the patient will start trusting the surrounding people; they will share their issues with them. This actually plays a very important role in helping them to overcome their mental or psychological problem. Showing love and affection towards the patient or the victim help in healing process.

Preventive Tips For Stockholm Syndrome That You Can Share It With Others:

It is well said that prevention is better than cure. This statement goes perfectly well with Stockholm syndrome; this means that the only way to deal with Stockholm syndrome is to avoid the condition. This can be done by:

Sit Calm

Captors become aggressive only when they find hostage making a lot of noise either while pleading for freedom or continuously talking to him regarding one thing or the other.

Stop Thinking Too Much

People tend to think too much when held as hostage. This is when they start analysis the motive of the captors behind the unethical activity done. This is this the time when they actually develop a bond with the captor and get emotionally attached with them.

Keep Mind Alert

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological problem, hence it is very important that one should keep their mind alert. Once an individual decides to keep their mind alert and deprived of any distraction then they can actually fight against Stockholm syndrome.

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