How to Prevent Stockholm Syndrome?

Prevention Stockholm syndrome is not in your hands. Stockholm syndrome is a very rare mental condition which is often seen in hostages. In stockholm syndrome, the hostage suddenly develop a positive emotion towards the captor. The major cause of developing this mental condition is the situation in which hostages unknowing built an emotional relation with the captor. This emotional bonding is a result of the survival instincts developed by the victim. It is completely a psychological condition that forces the victim to tie positive bond with the captor with the hope that they will soon be able to go back in their usual life. In addition, later the hostages even show withdrawal actions and completely refuse to cooperate with the police. When any legal authority try to investigate about the crime then captives shows negative attitude towards them and show support towards the goal and causes of the captor. Research has revealed that almost eight percent of the total kidnapped victims suffer from this unusual mental condition of stockholm syndrome. However, research have also revealed that this stockholm syndrome is not limited to only the people who have suffered as hostage or were kidnapped, instead; there are many other people who suffer from any physical or mental harassment like victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse and other may also suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

How to Prevent Stockholm Syndrome?

How to Prevent Stockholm Syndrome?

Scientists have conducted many experiments and researches to discover an effective treatment for curing Stockholm syndrome. However, till date no success treatment has been coined by experts. One prime reason behind this is the varying causes of Stockholm syndrome. As it is a psychological problem so its occurrence and causes are not very limited. Different patients can have different causes that lead to Stockholm syndrome. There is no possible way to prevent Stockholm syndrome as hostage situations are not in your hands. You might have seen someone close to you go through Stockholm syndrome or you might have read about it or watch a documentary about Stockholm syndrome and you want to prevent the occurrence of Stockholm syndrome to you. Now, the best way to prevent is by being cautious, alert and not thinking too much about becoming a hostage. Hostage can successfully prevent themselves from Stockholm syndrome in the following ways:

  • Keep mind alert when you are at public places.
  • Be very conscious when you are at banks or at places where there is a chance of hostage situations.
  • Stop thinking too much about becoming hostages as there is a chance that you might attract those situations into your own life.
  • Try not to keep oneself at the place of captor and think from their prospective.

By consciously following the above tips mentioned above, one can actually control their mind and can prevent becoming a patient of Stockholm syndrome. The tips may sound a bit simple but when a person is kidnapped and kept as hostage then in such as adverse environment, it is very difficult for one to keep a clam mind. One starts getting panic and also look for various ways to get free form the situation. This is when they start thinking too much. At times they even start analyzing the situation of the captor that includes the goal of the captor and reason behind the action taken. Further, as the captor and the hostage spend more time together in isolation, the hostage start developing a positive emotion towards the captor. Slowly thinking too much about the captor automatically programs the mind in a way that the captor seems to become the closest person.

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