How Do You Stop Hormonal Mood Swings?

The mood is a state of mind that represents a particular emotion at a time. The mood may change from one to another several time in a day according to different events in a day. Mood swings are sudden and dramatic fluctuations of one’s feeling of happy state and well being to the feelings of anger, frustrated, irritability or depression with no specific reason. Its causes can be due to stress, hormonal imbalances, improper sleep and many more. Hormonal mood swings are seen more in women during periods of hormonal imbalances like pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and menopause. The article is focused on the ways to stop hormonal mood swings.

How Do You Stop Hormonal Mood Swings?

How Do You Stop Hormonal Mood Swings?

Hormones influence the mood of a person. It influences the chemistry of the brain. Women are influenced most in different phases like puberty, each menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. This affects the mood of the ladies related to weight, food cravings and desire for sex. They may have mood swings and symptoms. Mood swings are not exactly the result of abnormal hormonal levels. Women may have normal hormonal levels and mood swings.

The ways to stop hormonal mood swings are-

Reducing Sugar Levels– dietary sugar should be reduced to enjoy right weight and health. It is necessary for every phase of hormonal changes like pregnancy, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause.

Limitation Of Caffeine– caffeine can misbalance the hormonal levels in the body. it is important to limit caffeine to avoid mood swings.

Avoidance Of Diet Soda And Sweets– reducing diet soda and sweets can improve mood swings caused by hormones.

Increasing The Intake Of Vitamin B6– vitamin B6 plays an important role in maintaining healthy hormone levels in the body. It is found in beans, nuts, cereals, nuts, and legumes.

Increasing The Intake Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids– omega 3 fatty acids are found in flaxseeds, walnuts, fish, and eggs. They play a great role in the maintenance of overall health. It can also regulate mood swings especially occurring in the perimenopause stage.

Increasing Calcium– calcium intake should be increased especially before menopause to avoid mood swings as low calcium levels affect the integrity of bones which thereby increases bone pain and affect mood.

Introduction Of Proteins And Fibers Along With Whole Grains– complex carbs, fibers, and protein provide overall good health which is necessary to have normal hormonal balance and avoid mood swings.

Maintenance Of Weightoverweight or underweight both can cause imbalances in the hormone levels of the body. This may promote mood swings. So, one should work on the maintenance of right body weight to stop mood swings.

Regular Exercises– regular exercises render lots of benefits to health. It elevates one’s mood and it is a stress reliever. It also promotes healthy secretion of hormones. It assists to stop hormonal mood swings.

Use Of Natural Progesterone– in women who are commencing to menopause can enjoy good calming effects from natural progesterone. This is effective as it may replace the hormones lost after the end of ovulation. This may regulate hormonal mood swings during menopause.

Avoidance Of Stress– the patient must learn to reduce stress by the methods to relax and avoid stress. Yoga and meditation are very effective to calm down the mood and maintain normal emotions so that imbalance between the hormones is not disturbed.

Sufficient Sleep– proper sleep at night is necessary for overall health and relaxation of the mind. It also regulates the hormonal imbalances. It is recommended that one should sleep for six to eight hours a day to enjoy these benefits.


Hormonal mood swings are caused by imbalances in the hormone levels in the body. It can be seen in women during menses, pregnancy and menopausal period. Hormonal mood swings can be stopped by diet management, proper sleep pattern, regular exercises and others discussed above.

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