How Can I Control My Mood Swings?

Mood is a state of mind that develops according to the situation. A positive event sets a happy mood in a person. A negative event can deliver a negative chain of thoughts in the person setting a negative mood in him. Mood swings develop when there is an alternation of a person’s one mood to another. Normal mood swings appear during stress, hormonal changes, and others. Mood swings may get rapid and extreme in diseased condition. It affects the quality of life. It may result in mood disorders or can be caused due to mood disorders. Mood swings should be controlled by reducing stress, and healthy lifestyle discussed below.

How Can I Control My Mood Swings?

The mood is a state of mind that represents a particular emotion at a time. The mood may change from one to another several time in a day according to different events in a day. Mood swings are sudden and dramatic fluctuations of one’s feeling of happy state and wellbeing to the feelings of anger, frustrated, irritability or depression with no specific reason. These fluctuations may become rapid and extreme in certain mental disorder named as mood disorders. Mood swings are more common in women than in men. The normal mood swings can be felt in day to day life. Extreme Mood swings are characterized by sudden alterations of the feeling of happiness and wellbeing to sadness and irritability. They are caused by stress, hormonal changes, certain medicines, alcohol, substance abuse, and unhealthy lifestyle.

The ways to control mood swings are-

Lower Down The Stress– stress brings to damage to life. Stress levels increase stress hormones in the body that upset the mood. Stress hormones lead to mood swings. Meditation and yoga are the best methods that can lower down stress levels in life. They will help to control mood swings.

Switch To A Healthy Diet– diet plays an important role in the control of mood of a person. Junk food may release the stress for a moment but they are not good for health. Healthy balanced food can normalize the mood swings. Introduction of Vitamin B and fish oil can also control mood swings.

Lose Weight– increased weight may lead to building up of guilt in the person. It results in fluctuations in mood. Losing weight can help to overcome mood swings.

Switch To Healthy Sleep Habits– lack of proper sleep may unrest the body and mind. This may increase irritability and mood fluctuations. It will also drain out the energy levels of the body. it is recommended to sleep for six to eight hours a day to develop healthy sleep patterns. This assists a lot to control mood swings.

Maintaining Daily Routine– one should have a constant daily routine to avoid mood swings. Constant changes in the daily routine may make you drained out and exhausted, may increase stress in life. It elevates the mood fluctuations. Stick to a particular daily routine and do not make too many changes in them if you have mood swings.

Regular Exercises– regular exercises refresh the mind and health of a person. It helps in controlling mood swings. Even a light walk can help to release the stress and stop mood swings.

Abstinence From Alcohol, Caffeine, And Drugs– too much alcohol consumption, caffeine intake or drugs abuse can disturb sleep, mood, emotions, and build up a chain of negative thoughts. These may cause irritability and mood swings. If you have mood swings, you should stay away from alcohol, caffeine and certain drugs.


Mood swings are fluctuations of one’s mood from one to another. It can be in a happy state in one moment and sad state in another. Lifestyle changes like reduction of stress through yoga or meditation, reducing weight, regular exercises, and avoidance of alcohol, caffeine, substances, and others can lower down the incidences of mood swings.

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