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What Are The Major Symptoms Of Obsessive Love Disorder & What Is The Best Treatment For It?

Psychosomatic and mental disorders can have distinct subjects, and love and relationships are just one among them. Staying in an affair with a person who suffers from these conditions can be heart whelming and saddening.

Obsessions are warning signs of an underlying stress ailment and emerge as a consequence of severe anxiety that includes acute traumatic events during childhood. Therefore, to overcome an environment of unbearable emotional stress, the individual suffering from obsessive love disorder jumps into an imaginary scenario filled with unreality and obsession.

What Are The Major Symptoms Of Obsessive Love Disorder?

Love can be a euphoric feeling. It can also prompt enormous destruction when the other individual does not revert the feeling. Obsessive love disorder can be dangerous when not diagnosed early or managed properly. There are no unique clinical classifications for obsessive love disorder, it is often dependent on other types of psychiatric disorders

Apart from delusional possessiveness, obsessive love is typically distinguished from a healthful love relationship by having addictive characteristics. Symptoms may include

Overwhelming Attraction To One Person-A romantic attraction to another person and typically includes obsessive thoughts and fantasies. This can often end up making bad decisions in life.

Obsessive Feelings- It is an unwanted, intense, and relentless thoughts, thinking, image, or feeling that a personality cannot help believing even though it generates considerable pain or anguish.

Possessive Feeling Or Actions – This results in unhealthy relationship behavior and also these sufferers may act victimized and wounded by any comment or action instigated by your partner.

Severely Jealous- This is perhaps a mental illness in which an individual is obsessed with the thought that their partner or sexual companion is being disloyal. This quality can decrease in one’s perceived self-worth, emotional instability, feelings of bitterness, and eventually ends in the breaking of relationships 1,2

Treating Obsessive Love Disorder- What Is The Best Treatment For It?

Even though the percentage of those who live with obsessive love disorder is small, you can take comfort that you are not alone. You can overcome the emotions you feel and the actions you pursue.

For the initial treatment of this disorder, the American Psychiatric Association recommends cognitive behavioral therapy, a medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or a mixture of the two. They are initially carried out by sample screening questions to better categorize people with obsessive love disorder, as well as recommendations for distinguishing obsessive love disorder from other conditions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a kind of psychotherapy treatment that helps individuals understand the thoughts and feelings that affect behaviors. CBT is generally used to treat a broad variety of mental ailments that include phobias, addictions, depression, and anxiety. It helps you to better understand the disorder, manage, and control your unnecessary thoughts and behavior. The objective is to alter negative thoughts with necessary actions.

Behavioral Treatment- Behavioral therapy uses behavioral methodologies to remove undesirable behaviors. It works on the basis that all behaviors are understood and that unwanted habits can be altered. The primary purpose of treatment is often on a persistent issue and how to alter them.

Although individual psychological therapy for obsessive love disorder is very effective, at the same time, it is an expensive procedure. However, you can limit costs, if you are getting the treatment via a hospital or other healthcare clinics.

There is a list of few things with which you can overcome obsessive love disorder,

  • Stay away from the things you feel more obsessed
  • Practice meditation
  • Indulge yourself in your favorite hobby
  • Get help from your loved ones or social groups4,5


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