What Are The Ways To Prevent OCD & Does It Reoccur?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a kind of distress syndrome with very noticeable signs and symptoms. In widespread society and often within the mass media OCD is erroneously depicted as a positive attribute and character quirk, but the truth is, for persons that endure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), it has a damaging influence on their life.

Like several psychological ailments, it’s thought to develop due to a blend of hereditary and ecological elements. Individuals with OCD are typically conscious of the unreasonable and extreme nature of their obsessions and compulsions. Nevertheless, they feel incapable to manage their obsessions or avoid their compulsions.

What Are The Ways To Prevent OCD?

OCD cannot be prevented. Nevertheless, early identification and getting treatment as soon as possible can help prevent OCD from worsening and disrupting activities and your daily routine. In addition, it also lessens the time an individual spends fighting this syndrome.1

Not every OCD treatment is successful yet there are ways to succeed in OCD treatment.

Don’t Attempt To Avoid Or Alter OCD Thoughts- Although it is simpler to say than to consider, try to remember that thoughts are just strings of words that explode into your brain and are not intrinsically risky. You are not required to take them sincerely since only your feeling produced them. More importantly, don’t try to push your thoughts, because as you push more, it will bounce back and make the condition worse

Be Willing To Accept The Risk- Accepting Your Illness and its Nature and understanding that your symptoms are chronic. Taking a risk to accomplish a target involves the courage to face the fear of insecurity. It’s important to keep an open mind and understanding that not recovering is not a risk at all.

Remember That Managing With Your Symptoms Is Your Responsibility- Don’t expect others to push or motivate you for the therapy. You cannot and would not depend upon the help of others to handle your distress or to get well. No one can want you to recuperate more than you do. If your motivation is worse that you cannot get going on your own.

Cognitive Therapy- The Best Therapy- Cognitive therapy is regarded as the best form of treatment of OCD. The objective of therapy is to stay with whatever makes you anxious so that you will develop a tolerance for the thought or the situation.2,3

Does This Condition Recur- What Do You Need To Overcome OCD?

Relapse prevention is a part of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) method in the treatment of OCD and for most other mental disorders. You can get the disorder under control and become recuperated but, in the current scenario, there is no cure. It is a disorder that will be always in the background, although it doesn’t affect your life in all instances.

It’s crucial to remember that even if your OCD is under control, symptoms can recur, especially if you don’t keenly engage the coping strategies that you may have studied during treatment and if you stop taking any recommended OCD drugs.

Generally during treatment, symptoms may worsen at first but you are likely to see an improvement as the treatment continues. With the help of therapies and medications, you can get better but there are increased chances of relapse with OCD.

You will start getting that same intrusive thought when you are affected with this condition again, you will have a better understanding of the disorder. This will make you not to overreact when these thoughts tumble back into your mind again. You will have an enhanced coping strategy and you can manage the symptoms much better.4,5


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