Effectiveness of Januvia & It’s Dosage, Side Effects

If you are allergic to januvia or sitagliptin do not take this medicine. Even if you are suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis do not take januvia or sitagliptin and talk to your doctor about it.

How Effective is Januvia?

How Effective is Januvia?

Januvia also known as sitagliptin is a diabetes medicine used for effective treatment to control blood sugar in the body. Its main duty is to regulate the insulin levels throughout that the body creates after having food.

Januvia or sitagliptin is for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

In some cases, januvia or sitagliptin is given with combination of medicines for the effective treatment of diabetes however it is not used for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

If you have diabetic ketoacidosis you should not use januvia or sitagliptin, ask your doctor for insulin.

Points to Know Before Taking Januvia

If you have any of these medical conditions, inform your doctor before taking januvia or sitagliptin:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Gallstones
  • Kidney disease or dialysis
  • Alcoholism history
  • High triglycerides – a type of fat in blood.

If you are planning to become pregnant or pregnant at the time of treatment, inform you doctor as januvia or sitagliptin will not affect unborn baby.

If you are breast feeding your baby tell your doctor about it as it is unknown if januvia or sitagliptin passes through breast milk to the feeding baby.

Januvia or sitagliptin is for not people below 18 year of age.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Januvia?

Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes – Regular Adult Dosage

Regular januvia or sitagliptin dosage: one time a day orally 100 mg

Januvia or sitagliptin is taken along with insulin secretagogue you must only take a lower dose of insulin to prevent the risk of hypoglycemia.

Januvia or sitagliptin is taken along with a proper diet and cardiovascular excise to prevent and control blood sugar levels in the body for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

What are the Side Effects of Januvia?

If you experience any of these allergic reactions due to taking januvia or sitagliptin get immediate medical assistance. The reactions include swelling of lips, face, throat, tongue, difficulty in breathing, hives.

If you have any signs of pancreatitis while taking januvia or sitagliptin get immediate medical assistance. In most cases, these signs are loss of appetite, severe pain in upper stomach that spreads to the back, vomiting and nausea, uneven and fast heartbeats.

Also get immediate medical assistance if you have any of these severe side effects of januvia or sitagliptin:

  • Weight gain, swelling or short of breath
  • Less or no urinating
  • Sever autoimmune reaction – breakdown of out layer of skin, blisters, itching.
  • Severe skin reaction – swelling of tongue or face, fever, skin pain that turns skin color to purple or red rash skin that spreads to the upper body, burning in eyes, sore throat, blistering and peeling.

Here are few main side effects of januvia or sitagliptin:

How to Take Januvia?

It is important to take januvia or sitagliptin as prescribed by your physician. Also you must follow all the guidelines and instructions mentioned in the package or label. There are possibilities for your doctor to change the dosages from time to time in order give you best results. Therefore, do not take januvia or sitagliptin in smaller or larger quantity then prescribed by the doctor.

Follow doctor’s instructions – you can take januvia or sitagliptin with or without food.

Your blood sugar levels must be checked from time to time. Apart from that, several other blood and medical tests will be done at your doctor place.

Hypoglycemia also known as low blood sugar can happen to anyone who has diabetes and here are few symptoms, trouble concentrating, headache, pale skin, hunger, feeling shaky, dizziness, irritability, sweating.

Always have a source of sugar in hand to have when you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. You can have crackers, fruit juice, non-diet soda, raisins, hard candy, etc. and also make sure your close family members or friends know how and what to do at any time of emergency. In case of severe low blood sugar and you are not able to drink or eat, you can use glucagon injection. Tell your doctor about this and he will prescribe a glucagon injection kit and explain how it has to be used at time of emergency.

When you are taking januvia or sitagliptin, you must also look out for symptoms of high blood sugar such as increased urination, drowsiness, increased thirst, weight loss, dry mouth, dry skin, fruity breath odor, hunger, blurred vision, etc.

It is important to check blood sugar levels at times of medical emergency, travel, surgery, stress or vigorous exercise and when you skip meals or consume alcohol. All these factors mentioned above will bring changes to your blood glucose levels and your dosage might be altered. It is important for you to not change januvia or sitagliptin dosage levels without doctors’ dosage.

Januvia or sitagliptin is only a part of complete program that includes cardiovascular program, exercise, diet, special medical care and regular blood sugar checkups. It is important to follow doctors’ instructions correctly.

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