What Is The Best Medicine For Mittelschmerz?

Mittelschmerz is a German word to imply middle pain. It is a one-sided type of lower abdominal area pain related to your ovulation process. The pain takes place midway during your menstrual cycle i.e. approximately 14 days before the coming menstrual period.

Treatment in the form of medicine to cure Mittelschmerz i.e. ovulation pain depends on severity level and extent of the pain as well as individual condition of a woman.

What Is The Best Medicine For Mittelschmerz?

What Is The Best Medicine For Mittelschmerz?

The problem of Mittelschmerz hardly requires any medical attention or treatment. However, in most of the cases, if you experience Mittelschmerz or ovulation pain, your gynecologist may recommend you treatment options based on following two categories of medicines and depending on your mild or severe form of pain. These include-

Pain Relievers for Minor Pain

Doctors may recommend you over-the-counter type of medicines to get immediate relief from the pain or discomfort you feel because of your ovulation pain. These include-

  • Acetaminophen medicines available in the form of Tylenol
  • Naproxen sodium medicines
  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen

Oral Contraceptives to Treat Severe Pain

If Mittelschmerz reaches to severe level and cause you discomfort to a huge extent or it takes place on a monthly basis, you should discuss with your doctor about the intake of oral contraceptives i.e. birth control pills.

Mechanism of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills or oral contraceptives are available as combination pills. Accordingly, they incorporate progesterone and estrogen i.e. major female hormones in synthetic forms. These hormones help in the prevention of ovulation, release and development of eggs from ovaries. Indeed, when your body does not facilitate ovulation, you do not experience any ovulation pain.

Other than this, you should immediately consult your doctor in case your pelvic pain reaches to the severity level or it accompanies fever or nausea. In addition, you have to stay aware if your ovulation leads to any severe condition than Mittelschmerz and intimate the same to your gynecologist immediately. These include pelvic inflammatory problem, appendicitis and ectopic type of pregnancy.

Key Aspects Of Mittelschmerz

  1. Pain associated with Mittelschmerz takes place only at a particular side of your ovary i.e. the one causing ovulation or releasing an egg.
  2. Pain may switch between left and right side every month or you may experience pain at the same side for many months.
  3. In most of the cases, pain due to Mittelschmerz lasts for only a few minutes to about 4 to 5 hours. However, in some cases, you may experience ovulation pain for about 1day or 2days period.
  4. You have to keep a proper track of your menstrual cycle for many months and at the same time, should note the time/month, in which you feel pain in your lower abdominal area. In case, it takes place mid-cycle and goes away without any treatment, it is likely to be Mittelschmerz.
  5. In majority of cases, your ovulation pain does not require any medical attention. In case of minor discomfort, you have to follow a few essential home remedies and/or intake over-the-counter type of pain relievers recommend by your doctor/gynecologist.
  6. If your Mittelschmerz pain and discomfort becomes troublesome, you have to discuss your condition with an expert gynecologist in detail and depending on your condition, gynecologist may prescribe you oral contraceptive pill to avoid the ovulation and in turn pain from it.

Symptoms To Identify Mittelschmerz

Common symptoms to identify the problem include-

  • Pain only on a particular side of your lower abdominal area
  • Cramp-like and dull pain is there
  • Sudden pain
  • Accompanies minor vaginal discharge and/or vaginal bleeding in some cases.

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