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Is Kawasaki Disease A Disability?

Kawasaki is a type of disease that causes infection in the walls of the arteries present in the entire body. This inflammatory disease is very common in children. Coronary artery is the one that gets primarily affected because of this disease, thus; the flow of blood to heart is affected. Doctors also refer this health problem as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome because of the fact that it also affects the skin, lymph nodes and also the membrane present inside the throat, mouth and nose. Good news is that unlike various other diseases Kawasaki is a curable disease and majority if children recover from this problem without severe damage to the body.

Is Kawasaki Disease A Disability?

Is Kawasaki Disease A Disability?

Kawasaki is one of the prime causes of acquired heart problems in kids, but it has been observed that after undergoing proper treatment only few kids suffer severe physical damage. Complications related to heart include-

  • Problem with heart valve
  • Infections in the heart muscles
  • Infection in the blood vessels especially in the coronary arteries.

Any of the above mentioned complications can cause severe damage to heart. Infection in the coronary can lead to bulging of arteries; this can lead to the serious condition of blood clotting or artery blocking. This can lead to partial or permanent disability in the patient. Also, this can be a primary source of heart attack or fatal internal bleeding. In few children that problem can be fatal even after proper treatment. It is recommended to hire a disability lawyer if you are planning to apply for kawasaki disease disability benefits. (1)

Kawasaki Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of this health problem show up in three different phases-

First Phase

  • Rashes appear on the body including the genitals
  • Swollen lymph nodes mainly in the neck and also in other parts of the body
  • High fever that lasts for minimum three days or more
  • Swollen and cracked lips and deep red tongue
  • Conjunctivitis (Red eyes)
  • Constant irritation

Second Phase

Third Phase

In the third phase, Kawasaki disease symptoms of the problems starts to reduce, unless it is highly complicated. This phase starts minimum eight before the energy level of the individual becomes normal.

Kawasaki Disease Causes

The exact cause of Kawasaki disease is not known, but experts believe that this is not a contagious disease i.e. it does not pass from one generation to another. There are various theories given by experts in which they have associated this problem with bacteria, viruses and also environmental factors. However, none of the theories have valid proof.

Kawasaki Disease Diagnosis

Till date no precise test is available for diagnosing Kawasaki disease. Diagnosis is of this problem is by analyzing done based on symptoms and signs-

Doctors perform physical examination and prescribe tests to diagnose this problem. Some of these tests include-

Blood Tests– This is one of the most effective tests to know the condition of white blood cell count, which is properly elevated, and possibility of anemia and infection is a sign of Kawasaki disease.

Urine Tests– This test is very effective in identifying the problem to a great extent.

Electrocardiogram– This test is performed with the help of electrodes, which are attached to the body of the patient to measure the electrical impulses of heartbeat. Kawasaki disease can lead to severe complications related to heart rhythm.

BNP – This test is performed to test a substance name substance called B-type natriuretic peptide. This substance is released when the heart is under stress and this can be a prime source to diagnose Kawasaki disease. Very little evidences are in support of this theory but more research is been done on the same.


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