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5 Essential Reasons for Wearing a Pregnancy Belly Band

Pregnancy is a special and most exciting time for any women. It is filled with a mix of emotions. First pregnancies are more exciting as there is no prior experience. One keeps on asking or getting suggestions from the dear ones.

One concern which every pregnant women face is to re-organise the whole wardrobe. One can add maternity wear as well as the Pregnancy belly band to the closet which can help one wear the pre-pregnancy attires up to the 3rd month of pregnancy easily without the hassles of purchasing the new maternity clothes. These are indeed must needed wardrobe extenders.

Belly bands are boon to pregnant women for various reasons. If you too are an expecting mother, following are some of the benefits of the pregnancy belly band that shall help you out extensively:-

Essential Reasons for Wearing a Pregnancy Belly Band

Essential Reasons for Wearing a Pregnancy Belly Band

  1. Benefits of Pregnancy Belly Bands in Reducing Pain

    Back Pain and Joint Pain

    Back pain and Joint pain during pregnancy can make you feel exhausted and shattered. Your daily routine work also gets affected because of the pain. However the good news is that you can overcome the sufferings by wearing pregnancy belly band. It is safe to wear during pregnancy and provide support to your lower back and baby bump during the body movements.

    Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain

    The SI joint is the joint next to the bottom of the spine which connects the sacrum with the pelvis. Amongst all the backbone twinges faced during the pregnancy, posterior pelvic pain is the most common. It is caused due to rise in hormone, relaxin, which causes the hip joints to become slack. It also results in a sharp and acute pain in the hips region.

    Pregnancy belly bands and braces can offer support to the affected area and alleviate the joint pain. It can help pregnant ladies to carry on various activities in a relaxed manner.

    Round Ligament Pain

    Round ligament pain can be understood as a sharp and jolting pain on one or both sides of the abdomen. Most pregnant women notice this pain during their second trimester. The pain is so intense that you may feel it when you get up from the bed, when you cough or get out of a bathtub.

    Although one feels random pain that is uncomfortable however it doesn’t cause any harm to you or to your baby. Wearing pregnancy belly band can balance the body weight amid abdomen and back that reduces the pain and eases the pressure.

  2. Benefits of Pregnancy Belly Bands in Providing Support to Uterus

    It sometimes becomes difficult for a pregnant woman to move around with the growing belly. Like bra provides support to the breasts, in the similar manner, pregnancy belly band offers support to the baby bump. A gentle cushion of the pregnancy belly band supports the uterus and lessens down the discomfort during your activities. 

    Always do remember, if your pregnancy belly band is too tight, it can disturb blood circulation and can cause burning sensation, gastritis as well as heartburn.

  3. Pregnancy Belly Bands are Beneficial in Improve the Posture

    Leaning backward in pregnancy is because of the additional weight your body has to carry in front. As your baby grows, your lower back may feel stiff and it becomes hard for you to bend down.

    Pregnancy Belly Band supports the lower back and torso and therefore aids the body to be in the right posture and lessen down the burden of the lower back. It offers you relief from pains which often trouble you.

  4. Pregnancy Belly Bands Can Help You To Carry Out Pregnancy Exercises

    Exercise is an integral part of pregnancy which offers numerous health benefits. The benefit of exercising during pregnancy lasts throughout your life. Having a regular exercise routine can make your posture better and decreases lower back pain and tiredness.

    Indulging in any physical activity may cause pain and uneasiness for women. Pregnancy belly band reduces discomfort and enables pregnant women in doing exercises. It also assists in relieving stress, anxiety and provides stamina for delivery and labor.

    If you have never exercised regularly during pre-pregnancy, you can begin your exercise during pregnancy with pregnancy belly band after consulting your physician.

  5. Pregnancy Belly Bands Can Be Worn Post-Delivery Too

    Pregnancy belly bands offer benefits post birth. Women who have a vaginal delivery or C- section can benefit from belly bands. It helps women with their posture and abdominal support as it supports the abdomen and back. With the pregnancy belly band, it becomes easy to sit straight and feed your baby.

    It brings the body back into shape with healthy eating. Though healthcare providers suggest doing exercises after pregnancy, it is not always possible. So, a belly band will be the best choice. It helps in bringing abdominal muscles back together.

Vital Points To Keep In Mind While Wearing Belly Band

Pregnancy belly band should not be worn at a stretch for more than 2 to 3 hours. Your body must not become habitual to it.

Try to exercise post-delivery to strengthen down the core muscles. Combination of exercise and pregnancy belly band will do wonders for you.

It is imperative to consult your doctor before using any belly bands or compression garments. Women having blood pressure issues must be careful while using the pregnancy belly band. The doctor’s advice should be strictly followed before wearing the band.

Pregnancy belly bands are not a permanent fix for the postural problem; if you are having any permanent issue it is important to take medical advice.


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