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Changes in the 14th Week of Pregnancy

With the 14th week of pregnancy, you advance into the second trimester officially. Let us look at the various changes in the 14th week of pregnancy and the care that needs to be taken during this period.

This phase is said to be the onset of relatively the easiest three months of pregnancy because the initial pregnancy symptoms that plagued you till now, begin to subside. One starts feeling better and now is the time when you, with ease can do some planning for the arrival of a new member in the family.

Changes in the 14th Week of Pregnancy

Changes in the 14th Week of Pregnancy

Though this phase is said to be the easiest phase of pregnancy, your body is steadily undergoing some changes. The various physical changes that you may experience during the 14th week are as follows:-

Weight Gain – With the onset of second trimester, you continue gaining weight, steadily. The belly bump starts showing up as this is the phase when the growth of the fetus accelerates in a steady manner. This is one of the most prominent changes in the 14th week of pregnancy. You should normally expect to gain 2 to 6 pounds of weight by the end of the 14th week.

However, the rate of weight gain varies and mostly depends on:

  • The anatomy of your body
  • If you have been pregnant before
  • Your body weight, shape and size before getting pregnant

Hunger and Cravings- As the former pregnancy symptoms subside and you no longer experience morning sickness, your appetite increases. Improved appetite and food cravings is one of the important changes in the 14th week of pregnancy. You may have hunger pangs and craving for certain foods like sweets, salty or sour items. Just make sure you don’t over eat as it may cause indigestion and various other related problems.

It is better to avoid foods like:

  • Seafood, high in mercury
  • Sushi and undercooked meats
  • Unpasteurized foods like soft cheese
  • Herbal teas
  • Caffeine and alcohol
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits
  • Raw eggs

Abdominal Aches – Throughout the pregnancy, your uterus and belly muscles keep on expanding and contracting. But one of the most exciting changes in the 14th week of pregnancy is the feeling of your baby inside the womb. During this period, the fetus inside, starts moving, kicking or punching with its little fists. So, abdominal aches now and then are likely to happen for a short while, however, you also have the chance to experience the great pleasure of feeling your baby inside you and responding to you. If the abdominal aches are severe and constant then you may immediately seek medical attention.

Health of Your Eyes- Not many know, but pregnancy can also affects your eyes. It can change the shape of eyes and tend to reduce the production of tears. Some may note these changes in the 14th week of pregnancy or around this period. Women who use contact lenses might face a problem as they no longer fit in due to dilated pupils. It is better to wear glasses at this point of time.

Miscarriages- With all the changes in the 14th week of pregnancy, there is still some risk of miscarriages in the second trimester. Hence, proper care, regular checkup and ultrasound is important even during the 14th week of pregnancy. This can avoid and help detect any complications at an early stage.

Hair- You may have thicker and shinier hair, so you can spend some time grooming your hair. Many women tend to lose hair at this point of time, while some have better hair, so the changes vary, depending on individual health and nutrition. Having thicker and shinier hair is one of the beneficial changes in the 14th week of pregnancy.

Increased Energy- In the second trimester you start regaining your energy. It is a “feel good” phase – one of the enjoyable changes in the 14th week of pregnancy. You can resume your exercises or start going for yoga sessions under supervision. Now that the feeling of nausea and fatigue reduces, you can go for walks with your partner or even resume your work, if able to do so.

Changes in Fetus in the 14th Week of Pregnancy

Here are some of the fetal changes in the 14th week of pregnancy. By the 14th week the length of the fetus is generally between 3 and 4 inches and it weighs more than one ounce and less than 2 ounces. The kidneys of the fetus by now are developed and they start excreting inside the amniotic fluid. The liver of the fetus starts producing bile, while the facial muscles get quite developed around this phase of pregnancy. It might make faces, grimace, squint or frown. These tiny expressions are mainly due to the brain impulses. With the help of a microscope one can see very fine hair called lanugo covering the fetus’s skin.

It is better to go for an ultrasound at this point as you might be lucky to see your fetus sucking its thumb in the ultrasound clip. The body grows much faster than the head but by the 14th week the neck does become more distinctive and very soon you may see the hand and legs becoming more proportionate with the body. The mother starts feeling a deeper bond with the fetus during the second trimester. You can listen to the fetal heartbeat during check-up with the help of Doppler ultrasound.

Tips for Pregnancy Care in the 14th Week of Pregnancy

With the positive changes in the 14th week of pregnancy, you will be able to eat well and stay active. So, plan a nutritious diet and have a healthy routine with simple activities and exercises. Make sure they are pregnancy appropriate and are done under expert supervision. One may try going for a 15 minute walk in the morning. You can join walking groups, pregnant women club where the common experiences are shared and discussed. You can also opt for water aerobics. Such activities make the mother feel better and the partners may share their experiences and join in with joys and fears of pregnancy.

When to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you experience any of the following issues, during the 14th week of pregnancy, it is necessary to consult your doctor. The symptoms are as follows:

Changes in the 14th week of pregnancy are welcoming and so is the period. So enjoy your pregnancy, eat the right food, be active, sleep well and go for regular check-up, as advised by your doctor.


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