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Why Do You Have Heartburn During Pregnancy?

Heartburn is an ailment due to the result of acid reflux caused because of the result of indigestion. Not all the cases of indigestion cause acid reflux, which results in heartburn. The reason is due to misalignment between the esophagus and the lower stomach. Due to this, after consumption of the food, the valve that closes the esophagus from the stomach remains partially open or fully open in some cases, leading the acids from the stomach to reach the throat or sometimes into the mouth. It is a common phenomenon to have heartburn during pregnancy. By following simple remedies one can reduce the impact of heartburn in pregnant women.

Why Do You Have Heartburn During Pregnancy?

Why Do You Have Heartburn During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women experience heartburn during the second or third trimester. However, in some instances, it can occur in early stages. Although harmless, the situation caused by it makes it severely uncomfortable for any woman. The discomfort experienced varies and is like having a visiting guest until the delivery. There are no reports of being suffering from heartburn after delivering the child in many cases. However, women who gain weight during their pregnancy will experience it for almost a year, after which it slowly fades away.

The pivotal cause of the occurrence of heartburn during pregnancy is hormonal changes that the body undergoes. For instance, there is an increase in the production of progesterone hormone by the placenta, which is the reason why a pregnant woman feels relaxed even while there is a development of the egg. It soothes the muscles around the uterus. The same hormone is also responsible for opening the valve between the esophagus and the lower stomach. Due to this, the gastric acid re-enters the food pipe causing the heart burning sensation.

The increase of progesterone hormone also reduces the digestion by creating wavelike contractions between the intestines and the esophagus. As the pregnancy period grows and the delivery date nears, the baby grows, and the woman will start experiencing pain in her abdomen due to congestion. At the same time, there is a push in the cavity of the abdomen, which causes the acids to revert to the esophagus.

Is it Possible to Cure Heartburn During Pregnancy?

Although the occurrence of heartburn during pregnancy is common, preventing it from becoming a dangerous troublemaker is possible. There is no definite cure to avoid it altogether, and therefore, the following tips will be of great help:

  • If you are pregnant then keep away from foods that cause stomach upset to reduce heartburn. Opt for organic foods and avoid aerated drinks, alcohol, caffeine, chocolates, and fruit juices, fruits containing citrus, mustard, tomatoes, processed meat, mind products, spicy foods, and vinegar.
  • As opposed to three meals a day for pregnant women, break them into multiple meals to reduce the effect of heartburn. Eat less and for increased number of times. Moreover, chew thoroughly so that it becomes easy for the stomach to digest completely.
  • Drinking plenty of water is essential for a pregnant woman to effectively reduce heartburn. However, consuming excessively also causes distend to the stomach. Therefore, drink according to the requirement, and ensure that the body receives its optimum share of water levels.
  • Using chewing gum is a healthy activity for the gums. Apart from stimulating the muscles, they also activate the glands, which help in neutralizing the acids in the stomach and reduce heartburn in pregnant women.
  • Do not eat your dinner just before you go to bed to minimize heartburn. Ensure that you have at least two or three hours of time gap before going to bed. It will help in digestion before lying down.
  • You can utilize pillows for elevation in such a way that the acid remains down and does not travel back to the esophagus and does not cause heartburn.
  • Pregnant women should choose their clothing carefully, and often pick comfortable clothing that is not tight around the waist.


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