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What Causes Pain in the Buttocks During Pregnancy and Home Remedies To Treat It?

There have been a number of reports published and are in public domain from various medical specialists which highlight the presence of buttock pain during and after pregnancy. The pain has been described as more of a musculoskeletal condition where it is localized on the buttocks and around the pelvic ring. There have also been reports of pain originating in the pelvic girdle and radiating to the buttocks and down the thighs. These pains usually begin during the first trimester, during labor, or at time even after the delivery of the child.[1]

Studies suggest that buttock and back pain though common can be avoided in pregnant females. It also suggests that around 80% of pregnant females experience buttock pain at some point in their pregnancy. The pain may be mild and associated only with certain activities or at times become chronic in association with an indwelling back condition. In most cases, while the buttock pain begins in the first trimester it usually tends to worsen during the third trimester in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.[1]

The chances of having buttock pain related to pregnancy are even more in females with an ongoing back condition before pregnancy. The growing fetus within the uterus puts pressure on the entire lower back region including the buttocks causing pain. This has been one of the theories put forward by the scientists studying back and buttock pain in pregnant females. This article highlights some of the other potential causes for buttock pain during pregnancies and ways to deal with it.[2]

What Causes Pain In The Buttocks During Pregnancy?

What Causes Pain In The Buttocks During Pregnancy?

Buttock pain during pregnancy can either be a referred pain where the origin of the pain is in another region of the body but it radiates to the buttocks or it can arise due to issues pertaining to the low back and buttock region. Some of the potential causes for buttock pain during pregnancy include:[3]

Hemorrhoids: This is a common condition that is encountered by females during pregnancy. It is caused when the veins around the rectum and anus become swollen. As the pregnancy progresses, the uterus and the fetus grows in size. This puts immense pressure on the rectal and anal area. This pressure results in the development of hemorrhoids.[3]

Additionally, it is common for pregnant females to get constipated. This is yet another reason for females to develop hemorrhoids with resulting buttock pain during pregnancy. Apart from pain in the buttocks hemorrhoids can also cause rectal pain, itching around the anal area, and rectal bleeding.[3]

Sciatica: This is a medical condition in which the sciatic nerve which runs from the buttocks down to the lower extremities is under severe pressure causing pain in the buttocks radiating down the lower extremities. During pregnancy as the fetus grows and the uterus expands there is pressure put on the sciatic nerve thus causing buttock pain during pregnancy. In addition to buttock pain, the individual will also experience burning sensation in the lower extremities and back along with severe pain in the legs.[3]

Pelvic Girdle Pain: This is yet another condition that is believed to cause buttock pain during pregnancy. This condition is quite common and is believed to affect every 1 in 5 pregnant females. Pelvic girdle pain is normally caused when the female moves around carrying the extra weight of the fetus. This puts pressure on the pelvic girdle causing it to get irritated and cause pain which radiates down to the buttocks.[3]

It may also cause problems with ambulation, clicking or cracking sound from the pelvic region with any movement, problems with lying down on one side. A pregnant female may experience pelvic girdle pain anytime between first and the third trimester. In some cases, this pain develops a few days before delivery of the child.[3]

Pain Due to Contractions: A female suffers contractions just before the time of the delivery. In fact it is a signal that the baby is coming out of the womb. These contractions at times may cause buttock pain. The female will also experience vaginal discharge which may be reddish brown in color during contractions. There may also be severe abdominal and low back pain signaling the onset of labor.[3]

Just before delivery, a female may experience symptoms that may sound like a contraction but they differ significantly in that fake contractions do not come in regular intervals.[3]

Home Remedies To Treat Pain In The Buttocks During Pregnancy?

Now that potential causes of buttock pain during pregnancy is understood, it is also essential to know ways to treat this pain. There are various options and home remedies to get rid of buttock pain during pregnancy. However identifying and treating the underlying cause is the first priority when treating buttock pain during pregnancy.[3]

For most cases, physicians prescribe over the counter pain medications which are quite safe to take during pregnancy like Tylenol. If the pain is severe then stronger pain medications will be prescribed. It is best to consult with a physician to start any medication during pregnancy to prevent any untoward side effect.[3]

There are also certain home remedies which are safe and can be used to treat buttock pain during pregnancy. These home remedies include

Use witch hazel nuts which are quite effective against the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Another way to calm down the symptoms of hemorrhoids including buttock pain is to just sit in warm water for some time to calm down the swelling and inflammation of the veins.[3]

Increasing fiber in the diet is also quite an effective home remedy to treat buttock pain during pregnancy as it prevents constipation which is quite common in pregnant females and is the leading cause of buttock pain. It is also best to avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time to avoid putting pressure on the pelvic and lower back region.[3]

Some people have found sleeping with a pillow between legs to be quite effective in treating buttock pain during pregnancy. Stretching the low back muscle every day is also very effective in keeping the low back muscles supple and mobile and prevents any buttock pain. Stretching of the low back muscle also gets rid of any pelvic girdle pain that the female might be having due to pregnancy.[3]

In conclusion, while buttock pain during pregnancy is quite common and many females complain of this issue, it is not something that cannot be prevented. Based on the cause there are ways to prevent buttock pain following certain rules throughout the time the pregnancy lasts. To begin with, increasing fiber in the diet prevents constipation which is a major factor in the development of hemorrhoids which is the most common cause for buttock pain during pregnancy.[3]

The second is to keep the body hydrated. This will prevent any preterm contractions which can cause buttock pain. It is also recommended to stay active and exercise daily to keep the muscles supple, especially of the low back, legs, and buttocks to prevent the onset of buttocks pain during pregnancy.[3]


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