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What Is The Best Treatment For Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is caused due to various reasons and various treatment strategies are available to reduce or stop the symptoms of morning sickness.

What Is The Best Treatment For Morning Sickness?

What Is The Best Treatment For Morning Sickness?

Different women have different causes of morning sickness, thus there might be not any best treatment that relieves all the patients from morning sickness. However, the patient should avoid triggers and eat healthy food to encounter the problem of morning sickness.

Morning sickness is the condition of nausea and vomiting which may lead to reduced food and nutritional intake. Morning sickness not only causes weakness and fatigue in the mother, but it is also harmful to the developing fetus wait may lead to nutritional deficiency. In such circumstances, it is essential to reduce or completely control the symptoms of morning sickness.

Following are the treatment or management options available to manage morning sickness.

Eat In Small Quantities. Food is the primary requirement during pregnancy, but the stomach should not be filled with the food at one go. This may irritate the stomach and lead to nausea and vomiting. The patient should eat frequent low quantity meals to avoid stomach upset.

Drink Plenty Of Water. Pregnant women should drink plenty of water and other fluids so as to flush out any toxin present in the stomach or in the systemic circulation. Further, water also helps improving dehydration, which may also cause morning sickness due to altered electrolytic concentration.

Rest. Rest is also important for the pregnant women. Energy is required during pregnancy as the weight of the women gets increased. The body has to recover from fatigue and weakness due to movement during pregnancy that can be gained through rest.

Exercise. Simple exercise can be performed by the pregnant women to improve movement in the body. This may help improving the muscles of stomach thereby reducing the incidences of morning sickness. It should be noted that exercise should only be done in the guidance of expert trainer.

Healthy Diet. The pregnant women should take a healthy diet and avoid things that cause irritation in the stomach. The diet should include sufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats and protein’s for healthy development of fetus and does not contain spicy and oily foods.

Stress-Free. Stress is also another factor that triggers morning sickness. The women should manage stress by performing exercise or meditation.

Supplements. Various pre-natal vitamin supplements are available that reduces the occurrence of morning sickness. This may include vitamin supplement for proper fetal development and lollipops or chewable candies to reduce dry mouth.

Acidity-Reducing Agents. To reduce the incidence of morning sickness, the pH level of the stomach should be kept under control. Acidity may lead to stomach irritation and increase the severity of morning sickness.

Wear Loose Clothes. Wearing tight clothes reduces the overall blood circulation that may lead to increased irritation. Thus, women should preferably wear loose clothes.

Medications. Morning sickness may also be treated with medications. The common medications available for this condition are doxylamine and pyridoxine.

Improve Sugar Level. Hypoglycemia is another factor for triggering morning sickness. Thus, carbohydrate must be incorporated in the diet to improve blood sugar level.

Alternate System Of Medications. The treatment may also be taken from other system of medicine including ayurvedic, acupuncture, acupressure and aromatherapy.

Breathe Fresh Air. Fresh air improves mood and reduces stress. The patients who have psychological problems related to pregnancy should breathe fresh air.

Avoid Triggers. Patient should identify and avoid the possible trigger that leads to morning sickness. The trigger may be any food or odor. The trigger can also be identified from previous pregnancy.

Doing Favorite Things. Pleasurable activities help a lot during stress and diverts the mind from morning sickness. Thus, favorite activities should be performed at least once a day.


Various treatment or prevention methods available for morning sickness are remained stress-free, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, avoid triggers, do favorite activities, vitamin supplementation, medications and exercise, and meditation.


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